Epica live in Sporthal De Vang, Zaandam, NL (October 12, 2012)

by Clayton
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Oops… I did it again :p

Once again I’ve traveled over 7500km to see my favorite band Epica perform live here in Holland. This has been the third time that I’ve done that and seen them play. And once again it was totally worth it.

Okay, Epica wasn’t the only reason that I came over as you will read very soon in another blog, but it was another excuse to travel to Holland in this cold, rainy autumn.

On Friday of October 12th I arrived in Zaandam between 4.00 – 5.00 pm. It was my intention to be at the venue much earlier, but things got out of hand. At the moment I don’t even remember what exactly. Luckily I had my Facebook buddy Pascal waiting for me there. Pascal is the guy I gave my Epica concert ticket to, when I couldn’t fly off to the Epica in Tilburg last March. This was the first time that we met in person.

As we waited outside we could hear the band doing the sound check. By this time we could already hear which songs were going to be performed that night. This show wasn’t going to be “ just another Epica concert”, but it was a party to celebrate that the fact that the band’s third album The Divine Conspiracy was released 5 years ago. So lots of songs from that album were going to be performed. I was very excited, because I’ve wanted to hear some of those songs live for so long now.

Around 7.15 pm the doors were finally opened and the crowd stormed inside. I quickly left my coat and bag at the racks and stormed to the stage to find a spot near the front of the stage. Sadly by that time I lost Pascal in the crowd. I simply couldn’t see him anywhere. And I had found a perfect spot on the second row right in the middle of the stage and didn’t want to lose that spot.

Stream of Passion, which was the supporting act for the show was still busy with their sound check as we entered the venue. That did come of as a tad bit unprofessional. NOT Stream of Passion of course, but the organizers (or whoevers fault it exactly is) that still had the band do their sound check while the crowd was already inside. Oh well, it was sort of nice to see. And I was able to make a quick video of Marcela rehearsing.

Around 8.00 PM, the real show started. Stream of Passion warmed up the crowded with their music. Marcela looked super sexy in het outfit and I have to say SOP has grown on my more after seeing them live. I like SOP, but I usually never listen to an entire album at once, because somehow it starts to sound the same in my ears. But after the show I have been listening to them even more and grown to like them even more so. The show was great.

Stream of Passion on stage
Around 9 PM the lights went out and soon we heard the intro to Epica’s album The Divine Conspiracy “Indigo” play. I was super excited, because for days I had wondered if they would use the intro of that album of the intro to the current album to open the show.

Epica opens begins the show with Indigo & The Obsessive Devotion
What the band did is, they sort of split the show in two parts. The first part was mostly old songs from the album The Divine Conspiracy and later they did an encore with the newer songs. We even got to hear “Karma” the intro to the latest album. So we got a set list of old songs and near the end we got some newer songs. And of course the band ended the show with the ultimate Epica fan favorite song “Consign to Oblivion”.

The show was a blast as a whole. Simone looked stunning in her new outfit. She sounded perfect and nailed each high note perfectly. The guys once again did an awesome job with their instruments and Mark always knows how to fire up the crowd. It was another unforgettable show. My entire body hurt after the show, but it was totally worth it. No regrets whatsoever. 🙂

After the show, I met Marcela who was standing by the Stream of Passion stand. Took a picture with her and also with 2 of the SOP-guys. I also saw some of my other friends there whom I’ve met at previous concerts or know from Facebook. I even saw Ad Sluijter in the crowd after the show. I had a feeling he would be there too. I had messaged him a few days before the show, but he was still uncertain. In all my excitement I totally forgot that I had my copy of The Divine Conspiracy with me, because I wanted him to sign it. Next time then.

And just as it seemed liked everyone was leaving I saw a small crowd at the other end of the venue. I saw a noticed the hair and thought: MARK 😀
I rushed over and grabbed my picture of him, which came with the Requiem for the Indifferent limited edition box set. He signed it and I took a picture with him. And yes, Mark still knows who I am of course. 🙂

I then turned around and saw Isaac lurking in the corning. I rushed over to get his signature and take a photo with him. By that time the venue was almost empty and we were almost forced outside. And just as I was walking towards the exit, who do I see? Ariën 🙂
I also got his signature, but sadly couldn’t take a photo with him. They would have thrown me out of the venue. lol

Once outside I wanted to find my way back to my aunt’s house here in Amsterdam, but the battery of my Blackberry died out, so I couldn’t use my Google Maps to find my way back home. Luckily the last few people were coming out the venue, including Facebook friend Vlien (the concert photographer). So I asked her help. She and the people who she drove with were nice enough to drop me off at the train station in Zaandam. From there on I found my way back to Amsterdam.

Another night full of great memories 🙂

Setlist Stream of Passion

Setlist Epica

Stream of Passion




After the show 




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