Nightwish gets a new (temporary?) singer: Floor Jansen

by Clayton

The metal world got shocked a few days ago when Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish announced that they have decided to part ways with their singer Anette Olzon. All of this came as a shock to the world, at least it was to me, and even more shocking was that they already had replacement and no one other than the beloved, Dutch power-house Floor Jansen.

So hold on one minute… I need to process this!

Not only did Anette get fired after being hired in 2007, after Tarja Turunen got fired in 2005, but they also have a new singer in a matter of days (maybe even hours?)

According to the official Nightwish statement, the band and Anette have decided to part ways on a mutual understanding, but after what happened to Tarja I am almost certain that this split did not happen as peaceful as they make it appear.

So I’ve never been a real fan of Anette. I have been able to get used to her on the last record Imaginaerum, but I totally hated her when she sang the old songs (originally recorded by Tarja) live. She butchered the songs. The songs on Imaginaerum worked with her voice and vocal range, but other than that she cracked all the time, from what I’ve seen from Youtube videos.

I was more than happy to read the news that Floor, who is also a soprano singer just like Tarja, has stepped as the lead vocalist to help finish the Imaginaerum tour. I hope that this will open Tuomas’ eyes and he will notice that his songs/music NEEDS to be sung by a strong singer. Floor will fulfill that role perfectly. I have seen the videos and she is doing great.

I have loved Floor since her days in After Forever. And I’ve followed her career through all her side-projects like MaYan and love het own band Revamp too. They say that this is only temporary, but I wouldn’t mind if Floor joined the band permanently. Then again, she does have her own band Revamp to front, which is busy recording their second album. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

But I am very grateful that Floor has brought back memories of the “old Nightwish”.

Click here to read the official press statement!

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