The new Epica album sounds AMAZING!!!

by Clayton
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I wondered how long it would take for this album to leak on the internet. NOT that I support the leakage of albums, but the previous 2 Epica albums had leaked 1-2 weeks before the release date.

The new EPICA album sounds AMAZING!!!
Simone has never sounded more perfect and professional. Not that she didn’t before, but she sounds very mature and her voice wow…. I haven’t hear hits notes like that before.

Some songs are instant favourites, others will need a few more listens to appreciate. As Mark said: it’s in the same line as Design Your Universe. I’ve also noticed that Mark grunts in quite a few songs. I like it. The album is everything and more you expect from Epica!!

I can’t wait to hold the MAILORDER ONLY edition of the album in my hands 🙂

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