How to know your music career is over!

by Clayton
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Want to know when your music career is over if you’re a famous singer?
The answer: when you are invited to give shows in Suriname 😀 lol

This blog is not meant to be degrading to my own country, although I seriously think a lot of people will interpret these words as such, but it’s just an observation I’ve done.

The only kind of artists that visit this country are wasted-up-90’s-has-been’s, Caribbean dancehall artists, people-who-are-famous-in-some-country-but-no-where-else-and-usually-only-have-ONE-hit (one-hit wonders) and people who pretend to be other people (*thinking about a certain infamous celebrity hoax that occurred a few years ago*).

Sometimes people who are still semi-famous are scheduled to perform here, but they cancel at the last minute. It happens every single time over and over again. Bow Wow, Destiny’s Child.
I said semi-famous, because it’s not like Madonna or Beyonce would ever perform here.

The last of the 90’s-has –beens to perform in this country is some R&B star named: Joe.
Yes, I know. A lot of you must be thinking: why the hell is that? The name sort of rings a faint bell.
On my way to work, I was listening to the radio and they were promoting the show. They were also playing a few songs to get the listeners excited about the show. For me this was a fail, because after the first song I was wondering if I was suppose to know the song, because I didn’t. Even the second song didn’t do much for me. Even after the third song I had no idea who this Joe guy was. It wasn’t after the fourth song, when I had already given up hope to know who this guy exactly is, that they played a song which I faintly remember only by the chorus of the song. But that was all I could remember.

But then again, maybe because it’s not my kind of music that I don’t really know or care much. Bands like Epica are also not known in this country whereas in the European metal music scene they are a HUGE success. So far I’ve not been excited to attend a show by any international “star” that is scheduled to perform here; which is why I fly over to go see them 🙂

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