Maybe life isn’t half that bad

by Clayton
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It’s 2.30 AM and I have no idea why I’m not sleeping yet or why I’m browsing through the personal pictures on my hard drive… all I know is that I had a moment of sudden realization: maybe life isn’t half that bad.
I was browsing through my photos of my old job, my friends and I hanging out, Christmas diners, trips out of town, vacations abroad, random photos taken of myself, photos of going to the movies and more. A little moment of silent reminiscence.

Oh, well… I know soon I’ll go back to complaining. Isn’t that what we all do every day?
I think these precious memories are there to make us remember that even though life can get tough at times, it can also be great. And those great moments should be the strength for us to carry forward.

*Now look at me, pretending to be Mr. Wisdom-smarty-pants* lol 😀


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