Sarah Brightman has a new album?!

by Clayton
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It appears that I have been living in some sort of cave where no music, besides metal, can be heard for the past few months. Turns out that one of my favorite (non-metal) singers, Sarah Brightman, has a new album out for almost a month now I have been completely unaware.

More information on:
Sarah Brightman – Dreamcatcher“.

Last week I also found out that another favorite singer of mine, Josh Groban, released a new album. I got the album just as it came out, but I wasn’t aware of it before. And Josh happens to be the male-version of my love for Opera/Classical music. Just like Sarah, is the female version. My ying and yang of opera 🙂

Has to be noted that Josh’ is a lot less opera these days, but his music is still good. I haven’t hear a single song of Sarah’s new album, but I am very eager. She never fails to disappoint me.

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