Roy Khan left Kamelot?!! WTH??! :’-(

by Clayton
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I just found out that one of my favourite singers, Roy Khan, resigned himself as the frontman of one of my favourite bands KAMELOT. Even worse, is that this isn’t something that has been announced recently, but has happened almost 5 months ago now. And I was unaware of this mayor news.

I discovered it when I stumbled upon a live video of Kamelot on Youtube, but another singer was doing the vocals. It was Fabio Lione, the singer of Rhapsody of Fire. So I googled to see if that song had been covered by Rhapsody of Fire. I don’t know Rhapsody of Fire their music, so I wasn’t sure. That’s when I found out that Fabio had replaced Roy Khan during the USA Kamelot tour.

This is very sad news, because I really admire Roy Khan’s vocals.
He’s one of the few male singers that I really enjoy listening to and appreciate. Roy is a trained opera singer who sings metal. Sort of like all the female opera singers I like who do metal: Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Simone Simons… but he’s the male version. I really like it, because if I ever was to pursuit my dream of becoming a rockstar myself, I would probably have the same style as Roy Khan. Vocally and his image.

I bought my first Kamelot album: The Black Halo a few years ago in a local store. You barely are able to buy (original) metal albums in this country, so I was shocked to find it here. I had only heard of the band, but never their music. I usually never but an album, without doing some research on the band first, but I decided to do so anyways, and to this day I don’t regret it! 🙂 Kamelot is am-A-zing!!!

And who can ignore that amazing song which Kamelot did featuring Simone Simons:
The Haunting (somewhere in time)“. And everyone knows how I just looove Simone 🙂
Also the song of EPICA featuring Roy Khan: “Trois Vierges”.

I really hope that Roy doesn’t disappear from the metal scene completely and that the world will still be able to enjoy such an amazing talent. I also hope that Kamelot will continue to make great music and that they find a perfect singer to continue the bands legacy. I wish Roy lots of luck in his future plans and hope to hear his voice soon again!

“Don’t say goodbye like we’ll never meet again!” – KAMELOT

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