Back in Amsterdam! :)

by Clayton
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Yes, my dear friends. I’m back!!!! Back in Amsterdam… Holland…. My second home 🙂
Back again after 7 months, which felt like an eternity to me.

The last few days before my departure have been really stressful. I had a serious constant headache that just wouldn’t stop. It didn’t stop up until today. That’s also because I woke up from an 11 hour sleep today, which is not nearly enough, since I hadn’t slept more than 5 hours since Friday.

The flight here was also not that easy. Was one of the worst flights EVER. I just couldn’t sleep thanks to the hours of turbulence and the loud snoring man besides me. I am quite a frequent flyer – as you all know by now, haha – but still the flights can be an annoying one. See you have 3 types of flights;
1. The “wait, we’re already here” one.
2. The “are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?” one.

Sadly, my flight was the latter. :-/
I am used to flying, so I know that this can happen. Especially in this time a year, but I would feel sad for someone that was flying for the first time.

Once the plane was nearing the much more stable winds, I was hoping to get some shut eye. Sadly, fate wanted to taste my temper, so it decided to make the man sitting next to me make some serious unhuman-like noises. I never knew a person could make those sounds the guy made. Seriously, he needs to get that checked out!!!!!

Finally after 9 hours and 20 minutes I had landed. I was more than happy to be on the ground. Since I had seat number 1E, I was the first to rush out of the plane.

My uncle (my dad’s younger brother) picked me up from the airport, I stayed at his house until 18.00hr and then he brought me at my cousin Vincent where I’m staying at in Osdorp, Amsterdam. First time staying here and I am loving it.

However my day wasn’t over…
I had an entire bag still of stuff for family I had to deliver. Typical Surinamese; tell someone that you’re leaving and you end up bringing half the country over. I totally hate it. *roll eyes*

By 11pm I finally could place my head on a pillow and I slept for 11 hours straight!!!


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