Do you guys ever think about dying?

by Clayton
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I am not a religious person and thoughts of heaven and hell do not keep me awake. What does roam my mind, what happens after we die? Okay, no actually the thought that I get most is dying a gruesome death (like drowning or trapped in a fire) and knowing that I am about to die, makes me shiver down my spine… but this post is not about that. Let’s assume (and hope) that we will all die peacefully and warm in our bed, sleeping and simply never waking up again… what happens next?

Recently I have been watching a few videos on near death experiences. Do not ask why, I am just weird like that. And a lot of them said the thing we often hear in movies: My life flashed before my eyes… I hope this is true, but I do not want it to be a FLASH, I want to replay EVERYTHING in every little detail, and I want ANSWERS!!! I mean why a flash? I am dead, time is the one thing I didn’t have in life, so now we can take our sweet time to go through every detail.

A few questions I have are:

  • Why am I always attracted to Gemini’s?
  • Why do I sometimes just know when someone is near me? Especially when I have a crush on them. Is some sort of bond truly formed?
  • Why do some die before they are even born, and others get to life almost forever?
  • How did life really begin?
  • How was the universe formed? And why? Was it an accident or is there indeed some sort of cosmic floorplan written by someone? And if yes, by whom and again why?
  • Are we just a speck of dust in an endless sea of planets?
  • Is the universe just an atom and part of something way bigger?
  • Is there really such a thing as an alternative universe?
  • Wait, if I am dead, do I get to talk to other dead people? Like famous ones?

And I probably have a million more and will have a billion more after we start replaying my life.

Another thing I was is “what if” situations.

What if that person didn’t leave me, how would me live have turned out? What if, I took that one job where would I be now? What if I hadn’t done this or that how would a certain situation turn out?

So, I do not know about you, but the only thing I want, are ANSWERS!

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