The journey home

by Clayton
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Unfortunately, all good things come to an end they say…
Eventually we all needed to head back home.

My flight was the earliest, so I was also the earliest awake and could not sleep off the exhaustion from the night before. I had an early breakfast and packed my bags. When Tirzah called that she was there to pick me up, I said goodbye to the boys and the girls in the breakfast room. I was already feeling quite emotional because I am so bad at saying goodbye.

Once Tirzah dropped me off and I checked my bags in I made sure to say a quick goodbye because I could feel my eyes watering and I noticed the same at her.

This only got worse when the boys, whom were still enjoying their last day at the hotel pool, sent me a very sweet video. I couldn’t hold it in and just let the tears flow. Damn, I hate saying goodbye.

When it was boarding time, I entered the plane, found my seat and just took a moment to mentally process the last few days. It was definitely an unforgettable experience and those 3 amazing new friends I made I will not forget and hope to meet in the near future again. I bought this wooden ring at the airport, which has a fish on it (to remind me of the island), with 3 colored dots which remind me of my new 3 friends.

Until we meet again Tirzah, Filipe BR and Filipe CO <3 <3 <3

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