Revamp – Wild Card

by Clayton
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I just love it when one of my favorite symphonic metal bands drops another bomb of epic music, which is exactly what Revamp did last Friday. Their long awaited new album “Wild Card” was released last weekend and this album is a total epic eargasm.

What you don’t know Revamp? Does the name Floor Jansen ring a bell? After Forever? Current temporary singer of Nightwish? Uhu… I thought so 🙂

Well the very talented Floor and her team have released another great album. I think it’s even better than the first self-titled album Revamp released in 2010. Floor uses her operatic vocals a lot more on this album and y’all know I’m a sucker for operatic vocals. I mean, if you have a soprano vocal ranger USE IT!… which is exactly what Floor did. She has always shown us that she is able to go from very low, to very high within minutes, without cracking her voice, but on Wild Card Floor has surprised us with some new vocal styles; she does grunts. Yes, the tall, opera singing Dutchie does grunts now. And it sounds great. So much aggression. With all these vocal styles you would maybe think it would be a total mess, but it all works out perfectly.

The album does have a few guest musicians too. One is no one other than the-one-and-only Mark Jansen from Epica and MaYaN. Although Floor and Mark have the same last name, they are NOT related. The song they made is probably my favorite on the album. And I’m NOT saying it, because Mark is on it, but it’s a total blend of aggression, opera and haunting choir parts.

My favorite tracks SO FAR are: The anatomy of a nervous breakdown: on the sideline, Precibus, Nothing, Distorted Lullabies, Amendatory, Misery’s No Crime and Infringe (bonus track).

There are so many aspects of this album I love. I think it would be just best to listen to it yourself. If you love After Forever’s music, I’m sure you will love this album. One thing is for sure: I am sure that I will be listening to this album for years to come.

Congratulations Floor & Revamp!

PS: I posted on Twitter that I loved the album and Floor retweeded me! 😀 yay!

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