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by Clayton
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“Music makes you lose control!” – Kylie Minogue

People often ask me what my favorite type of music is. There was a time when I used to know, but truth is anno 2011, I don’t have a real clue. Or maybe I should clarify it that I don’t have just one type of music that I like anymore. I can listen to metal music at night when I’m studying, dance pop music on my way to work, dance music on my way to the club, electronic/techno/trance during my lunch break, opera music on a Sunday afternoon… there are just examples and I can go on like this forever. I just have a width variety of music, which brings joy to me. I just prefer my music to have content or at least sounds nice enough for me enjoy it.

There is also a type of music I DON’T like, and that is rap music with music videos that show a bunch of trashy girls flashing their big (fake) hOOters and the rappers with their pants hanging half from their asses, men smoking a big a “Mary Jane” bong or other similar revolting music like that… I’m way to “white” for that shiznit kind of music. Ya feel me?! 🙂 lol

In my younger years I guess I was mostly into pop music, like most kids. I simply enjoyed anything that came on the TV and that had a catchy tune and a bouncy dance to it. There was this time when I was crazy about the SPICE GIRLS and The BACKSTREET BOYS. Yes, my dear readers; I once listened to the Spice Girls, just like every other kid that was in elementary school in the 90’s. Frankly, you were not “cool” if you didn’t like them. After the band broke up, BRITNEY SPEARS came into the pop world. For the longest it was her music I liked. It was actually my cousin who liked her (and yes he still does to this date).

In middle school, around the time that AVRIL LAVIGNE entered the music world, my music genre shifted. I started disliking Britney mainly because Avril was very anti-Britney and as for me, I was in the midst of my teen years; an age where peer-pressure is very high. That was when I started wearing studded wristbands and chains on my pants.

After I was done with my Avril=phase, I fell in love with the gothic rock band from Little Rock, AR better known as EVANESCENCE. Now my love – or should I call it obsession? – for Evanescence can probably only be described in a separate blog, so I’ll try to keep it short. Now Evanescence for me was THE band I was waiting for all my life, the one that put me in a real frenzy ever since the Spice Girls years back. I still remember buying my copy of their debut album “Fallen”. This is still is one of my ALL-TIME favorite albums I’ve ever owned.

Soon came many more rocks bands I started listening to, like: Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Adema, Korn and Linkin Park. Nothing to “heavy” just yet. That came later.

My love for symphonic metal started when I was introduced by my best friend to the Finnish band NIGHTWISH. Their music is what sometimes is also called as Opera Metal. Now before I continue let me say that I’m talking about the OLD-Nightwish, when Tarja Turunen still was the band’s singer.
So my best friend had bought their album Oceanborn and was going on and on how great the vocals, music and poetic the lyrics of this band are. I tried listening to it and my first thought was: WTF?
As I mentioned before, Nightwish’s music used to be Opera Metal. Tarja is a classically trained soprano vocalist, which means the music is heavy and her vocals are high and strong. At first I didn’t understand one word of her singing. But opera music/vocals is something you have to learn to listen to.
Soon after I discovered that this mix is amazing, I soon got addicted to opera music and only wanted more. In the years after that there are many more symphonic metal bands I began to love like: AFTER FOREVER, EPICA, WITHIN TEMPTATION, KAMELOT and many more.

Femme metal isn’t a real genre. It’s simply a band that makes some type of metal music and is fronted by a woman. I’m a huge fan of femme metal music. I just have this thing with female vocals mixed with the heavy metal guitars riffs, the fast beat of the drum, the dramatic synthesizers and to give me the total eargasm an orchestra or a choir. Femme metal and specifically those in the symphonic metal music is just a thrill to me. For a while I was addicted to bands like: Nightwish, After Forever, Epica, Within Temptation, Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, The Sins of thy beloved, Forever Slave, Sirenia, Imperia, Angtoria, Leaves’ Eyes, Visions of Atlantis and many more.

With my love for Nightwish also came my love for classical music. Nightwish covered the song The Phantom of the Opera (composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber) on their album Century Child and I always had heard of the story, but never really looked into it. After I heard the song I decided to do so, and I was welcomed in a whole new world of classical/opera music. I ended up with SARAH BRIGHTMAN, who I to this date still consider to be an amazing singer. Later I also got captivated by the vocals of singers like JOSH GROBAN.

I got into black metal when I started listening to CRADLE OF FILTH. Cradle of Filth has been around since the old ages of time. Their discography is very huge. Not all their songs I like, but most of it I do. Another similar band in this genre that I like is DIMMU BORGIR.

Death metal started with the band ARCH ENEMY I believe. One of my Finnish friends sent me an Arch Enemy album on afternoon on MSN and I was hooked.

There was this time where I was very drawn to industrial metal bands like DEATHSTARS or ATROCITY. I don’t exactly know where this came from. It was just something that happened. This also let me to the American singer: EMILIE AUTUMN.

POP music (again)
All of a sudden I came back in the pop genre. This revoked when I started listening to the Queen of Pop: MADONNA. That’s when I didn’t try to limit myself to just rock/metal alone, but open my ears to other genres again.

Once upon a time, she used to be a stripper making her way from bar to bar and trying to get her songs and suddenly out of nowhere it happened: LADY GAGA was born. My new obsession. Songs like: Just Dance and Pokerface. I couldn’t get enough of them.

And lately it’s like dance pop is what I usually go for: KYLIE MINOGUE.
Kylie I have to thank to my friend, mr. F.K. who probably is the biggest Kylie fan this country has to date.

Also I have now have a huge obsession with the famous Dutch DJ’s TIESTO and ARMIN VAN BUUREN. Also CASCADA is one I like to dance to.

So to summarize it all, I like many styles of music. I like to dance, I like to be serious, I like to have fun…. I just love it all. Music makes me feel good. I use it to enjoy life, cope with things, relax and express myself or simply to make the time pass faster.

But if I really had to pick just one kind of genre, I would pick: Symphonic Metal m/

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