Epica – TQE – album title revealed

by Clayton
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Epica revealed the title of their upcoming album today: The Quantum Enigma!

Ever since the recording of the album, the band members have been calling the album TQE. Since Epicans seems to be quite intelligent fans, we basically already guessed the title at some point. My own guess was The Quantum Equinox. But just a few days ago when the band hinted out the amount of letters of the new album, the title was guessed by the fans. I even found a website where the album was already being promoted as The Quantum Enigma, before it was even confirmed by the band. Also on the band’s new promotional photo we could see the “quantum” symbol on the guys their outfits.

They haven’t revealed the album cover yet, just the name and release date on a promotional banner, but I am sure that the wait won’t be much longer. I can hardly wait! 🙂

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