Flying back…home(?)

by Clayton
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Here I am far above the world again. Just beyond the clouds.
Traveling through time and space.

Okay, enough with the poetic bullshit. Lol

Yes, as I am writing I am flying back… home? Let’s say, flying back to the country I live in. The question mark in the previous sentence is, because although I have an “okay” live in Suriname, it just never really seems to feel like I belong there. You know that feeling of something that is missing? That’s what I have. Whereas whenever I am at the other side of the ocean, that feeling is gone. I feel like I belong. But enough about that. After all it’s something I’ve been writing and talking about over and over again.

Those 3 weeks have flown back in a blink of an eye. But at least I enjoyed myself. I did notice that this year I travelled the country less than usual and was mostly just based in the city central of Amsterdam. I also didn’t really go out as often as I usually do. I must be getting old.

Well I went out last night with my Amsterdam friends. I was in bed at 5.30am I guess and was out of it again at 9.300am. Short sleep, hungover and still had to do a few things. So as I am writing now I have yawned more times than I can count and my eyes are to get tired.

Oh Amsterdam, I will miss you. But I will be back! Not sure when, but I will be back.
For now I will enjoy some nice airplane food and then rest my eyes (read: sleep like my life depends on it).

Greetings from 38.000ft in the air.

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