26 facts about me

by Clayton
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Because I recently celebrated my 26th birthday I thought it would be a fun thing to share 26 little-to-unknown facts about me.

  1. This blog may be 3 years old, but I have been writing on free blog websites and offline for years now. I started writing in a MS Word document when I was still in middle school. I considered them to be my digital journals and I updated them daily. I still have those digital journals saved somewhere.
  2. When I’m busy coding and trying to solve bugs, all I need is my Noise-cancelling headphones and some good music to isolate myself from the real world and I am able to dive into the digital world B-)
  3. My first website was built at MSN Groups. A service that no longer exists. I loved MSN groups and met quite a few talented people with the same interests in web- and graphic design. A few of them I am still in contact now a days.
  4. I’m lactose intolerant and haven’t had a milkshake in over 3 years. I miss it though. Milkshakes from McDonald’s or Burger King or those bottles of chocolate milk produced by our local milk companies. 🙁 But unless I want to lie in bed all day with tummy aches, I’d rather not drink milk products.
  5. I have a brother that’s 7 years older than me. He is born from a previous relationship of my mother. This would technically make him my half-brother, but I don’t believe in the term “half-brother/sister”. You’re either brothers/sisters or you’re not!
  6. My younger brother is 10 years younger than me, so I basically remember everything from the time that my mother was pregnant with him, his baby years up until now.
  7. I’ve never cooked or baked a thing in my entire life until the age of 23.
  8. I once got my tongue pierced, just because I really wanted to experience getting a piercing. After 5 weeks I took it out for cleaning and forgot to put it back in. An hour later the hole started closing and I just let it. I had been there, done that.
  9. My cousins and I once wanted to start a boy band when we were very young. I forgot the name, but we used to rehearse each Sunday when we saw each other. That dream ended as soon as we got a bit older.
  10. I once wanted to start my own rock band. We had exactly 1 rehearsal day and were never really complete. Lack of confidence, by one of the band members and lack of experience were too factors why things never really happened. Also I was much younger and still very dependent on my parents, so I wouldn’t be able to get a ride.
  11. I started wearing glasses at the age of 5 and hated them so much that I never even wanted to show my face in public. I cried like crazy and made an entire scene the first day I wore them to school.
  12. I hated taking pictures (of myself) until the year 2008. That’s when my parents bought me the digital camera I wanted for my birthday and noticed that taking pictures of yourself (of having pictures taken of you), really isn’t such a big deal if you just relax and just act like yourself.
  13. The number 13 actually is my lucky number 🙂
  14. I once prayed to never have dreams again after I had a nightmare. I was so freaked out that I had decided that I was done with dreams. I was very young and have no idea what the nightmare was about.
  15. I use to seriously bite my nails up until the age of 13 – gross, I know! – but I just decided to stop and stopped just like that.
  16. I think I may have some form of OCD, BUT it is less bad now than when I was younger. For example I couldn’t sleep until all the closet doors were closed, the curtains where correctly closed and when I used to still bite my nails I HAD to nibble on all 10 or else I wouldn’t feel comfortable.
  17. My dream job would be one which allows me to travel the world and still get paid for it.
  18. Although Dutch is my native language I am able to express myself verbally a lot better in English.
    Everyone speaks English anyway. And if they don’t, they ought to… Which movie is that line from? :p
  19. My favorite colors are dark blue and red. My least favorite color is yellow.
  20. I draw inspiration for creating graphics/ making a web design from music. The outcome is usually then a result of my mood mixed with the music.
  21. When I was younger I used to sleepwalk very often.
  22. I prefer physical books over E-books.
  23. I am quite a good swimmer, although I haven’t done really practiced in year and am most likely out of shape, but I am sure that if I started practicing again I would be able to be myself again. Swimming is actually the only sport I am good at. Haha
  24. I never wear gold jewelry, because it doesn’t attract me. I’d rather have something bought in an oriental gift store or in a simple Chinese boutique.
  25. I get bored easily and always to try and do new things.
  26.  I’m more of a dog person than a cat person.

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