My new job

by Clayton
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On September 1st of this year, I started with a new job.

Yes, that was exactly one week after I stopped working at my old job.

No, I didn’t tell anyone and kept it a secret, simply because for once I didn’t feel like sharing every detail of my life…. What what??

Yes, I know what you were thinking just a second ago. lol
No, I just didn’t feel like announcing it to the world until I was absolutely sure how I felt about the new job, the new tasks and responsibilities. But now, about 2.5 months later, I am ready to reveal to you all that I am now working at:

Baboem N.V. |
As a Software consultant.

This is a total different thing than what I used to do for 3.5 years at Alembo, but I am super motivated and excited. I still work as a web developer, but I only do this on a freelance basis.

Look at the below picture, meet 2 of my new colleagues.
I think you may recognize their faces 🙂

Yes, I am now working at the same company as 2 of my best friends, Ryan and Farid!
Of course at the office we are total different people than after 16.00. 😀

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