Vacation Time

by Clayton
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Is that time of the year again… vacation time!
After a year of long hard work, it is time to unwind. And of course, for me there is only one place where I truly enjoy myself: AMSTERDAM!!

Which is exactly where I am once again!

The road here was quite an exhausting one. I’m not talking about the flight itself, which in comparison to last year’s flight was smoother than the face of that of a Gillette model.

It was the airport security that was a hassle. I have never had this much.
It started in Suriname, where after I checked in and was about to make my way to the VIP lounge, is when they stopped me, because they wanted to check my bags. So they called me into this small room where I had to point out my bags so they could do a security check. Since I have nothing to hide, I kept my cool and did as they wished. I decided to put all my customer service skills to work, so that I could break the tension between myself and that tough-looking muscled security guy. And, yes it worked. Got him to shake off his tough-guy look.

After that delay between myself and the free wine, I finally sat myself down and decided to unWINE until it was boarding time. By 22.45 am we were inside the plan and at exactly 23.20h we were in the air. I was quite exhausted; because the night before I went out with my friends and had only slept for 2.5 hours, so it didn’t take me long to fall asleep. Good thing that the flight was steady, so I got about 5-6 hours of sleep and before I knew it, it was time to land.

As I left the plane it was the first check: passport control.
About 3 meters further it was the second check, where the guy wanted to check my passport again, while this big security dog started sniffing my crotch and handbag.
Then it was time for the scan a few meters further. After that a few more meters further it was time to open my bag, because one of the security personnel wanted to check inside. All of this still in the same hallway.

After that I made my way to the baggage belt, found my bags quickly and wanted to get outside as quick as possible. Sadly for me, after the bags scan, another security guy wanted to check ALL my bags. So I had to open them one by one and explain what I had with me. Once again, I kept my cool, but I was annoyed. Finally I made my way outside and I had to wait for my uncle to pick me up.


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