Sober Birthday

by Clayton
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Yesterday was my 28th birthday… 2 more years, before I turn the big three oh…
Yay, for getting old! *insert sarcastic emoji here*

I had a very subtle… read boring…. Okay really read, sober… birthday.
This was the first in 4 years.
Probably, because it was a Monday, and also my friends are either on vacation or have moved away.

The only “celebratory” thing I had yesterday, was a cake for my colleagues, which I didn’t even by myself. Other than that, it was a normal work day for me. My older brother did come over and I was received a new bracelet, which I looooove! 😀 Thank you.

Also thanks to those that wished me a happy birthday on my various social media account, or those whom texted and called.

I think I will actually have a real birthday celebration when I’m 30… either that or I will be crying in my bathroom with a bottle of red wine, regretting half of my life… lol. Joking.

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