Delayed post-vacation depression?

by Clayton
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It’s been 4 days ago since I landed back in Suriname and 3 days ago I started working again. For the first time ever I am feeling completely mellow and not down as I usually am. Usually the first day back at work I am a bit dreamy, emotional and not quite myself. But this time I am not feeling sad, down or dreamy. Just… mellow.

I am a bit scared that I am feeling like this. Could it be that my post-vacation-depression is delayed, just like my flight was (hihi… lol). Or is it that I am not feeling anything, because for the first time ever I feel like I arrived back home completely satisfied and have done all I wanted to do?

Besides that one person whom I really, really, really, really, really (50 times more really) wanted to see, but didn’t, I have basically done all I had planned to do and more. I travelled the Dutch landmark from left to right, up to down. Saw most of my friends, met new people and basically had a fun and relaxing time.

Although the 3 weeks went by so fast, it felt good to wake up Tuesday morning in my own bed. And now to reminisce on the crazy wonderful time I had in The Netherlands.

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