The sweet curse of the Gemini

by Clayton
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In my course of life there have been many crushes. I’m basically always crushing on someone new, but sadly it never turns out into something. The thing about crushes is… You get crushed.
I think my first mayor crush was back when I was 9. I say mayor, but it was mayor for me AT that time. What do you know about love at age 9? *puppy love*

Now at age 23, 24 in a few days, I still have the same addiction: falling in love.
Being in love… Or let me degrade it a bit… Having a crush on someone is great. Especially when it just starts to develop: the butterflies you feel in your tummy, your heart skips a beat when seeing that special someone, you run out of words, your heart starts beating faster and suddenly it feels like it is 40 degrees Celsius, when it’s not.

These crushes are usually temporary. Some are easier to get over other can last years. Yes, I am writing out of own personal experience. The best way for me to get over someone is to start crushing/falling in love with someone else. I’m not saying that this is the best method. It just works for me. The problem is that you end up in some sort of vicious circle.

At the moment I am crushing on someone. This happened over the holidays. I will not go into further details about this, because it’s stupid and I’m sure I will get over it… But for now all I can do is enjoy it until it starts to fade. *blushing*

This new crush has been able to get my over the 8 month obsessive crush I’ve been having. Gosh, I don’t even know how my friends could stand my last year’s obsession. But isn’t that what friends are for?

Seeing how the cycle keeps on going I have been starting to ask myself a few questions. The main question: what do all these flirts/crushes/lovers have in common?
It certainly isn’t a racial thing. For I have had a crush on basically every race living in this country. I do however prefer them to be Caucasian or at least light-skin toned. Maybe even throw in some blue/green/grey eyes, tall(-ish) and a great (naughty) smile. But this isn’t a MUST. So it had to be something else.

They are all of the astrological sign: GEMINI!
Aha *light bulb*

I think my obsession with a Gemini lover started all the back in Elementary school. When I had my first Gemini crush. But of course nothing happened. Seriously do you expect something to really happen at age 12? I did however did make my feelings know. Which is when I was rejected for the first time. I was crushed of course, but knew that others would follow. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of cycle that after 11 years still hasn’t changed. It only progresses into more aching tragedies.

But it’s not like I purposely seek a Gemini to fall in love with. It just happens.

Another funny coincidence is that with all the more-serious-later-in-life-Gemini-lovers, after the drama and heartache we still remained friends. At least with the 3 last ones I have been. So I’m starting to wonder what is it about this air sign that attracts me?

I think it has to be their sense of humor. I like to laugh. And I want someone who can make me laugh, whom I can talk for hours without ever getting bored, someone who pays attention to my words and who show genuine interest in me. All the ones I’ve been in love with possess those qualities.
But a relationship never happened. So maybe this lonely Aquarius boy should just stick to being friends with the Gemini-lovers. After all one of my best friends is also a Gemini. And she’s great too. Full of life and very talented.

As I’m reading the words I just wrote I am starting to wonder if the astrological sign has anything to with my feelings for the mentioned above. Could it simply be their sense of humor and other qualities that was really the attractive factor? After all, didn’t a few years ago I notice another pattern in my crushes; their names all started with a M. And as far as I can remember none of them was a Gemini. And of course when I said ALL my previous crushes were a Gemini, I was exaggerating as usual, because it was only 4 out of a bunch.

I guess it’s all just another coincidence. *bzzt*

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