The Gemini curse continues

by Clayton
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In my 25 years of existence I am still unable to decipher my physical attraction to the zodiac sign: Gemini… my life story keeps spinning like a revolving door. I will change my name to Gemini Magnet from now on, because this Aquarius sure seems love those Gemini’s.


I spot someone…. oh, interesting… I get to know that someone…. when’s your birthday? Mid-May/June… Red flag! Red flag!… I develop a crush; the Gemini remains unknown… crush gets stronger; Gemini still oblivious…. things get heated in my heart; Gemini starts getting suspicious…. I fall in love; Gemini notices…. and this when the twisted nails of fate strike…. Gemini demands a confession; I start to panic…. Gemini makes lack of interest known; I start to break… Gemini settles for friendship; I give up… a stream of warm tears fall on the icy cold pavement, my thoughts get lost in a vast whirlpool, silence becomes my solitude, and the pain my only friend… another bridge burned…. a million questions left unanswered.

2 years later…
Hey, I think I sort of like you. When’s your birthday?
May 28th… * my mind starts to ponder* A Gemini…
The wheel of time has been rewinded and started to spin again… it’s a vicious, never-ending circle.

NOTE: Be sure to read “The sweet curse of the Gemini” and your will understand the above better!

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