The sober life SUCKS!

by Clayton
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This has officially been my most stressful and frustrating week at work. Seriously! I have never dealt with so much office drama in one week. And what made things worse is that the drama was not something I had to fix, but just had to keep under control.

In short:
2 weeks ago a client’s website had to be migrated to a new server, because the old one was… well, you know OLD and not up to date with the current requirements of the online world. Good that’s all clear… the problem: the client wanted it NOW or as SOON as possible, which was not something that is possible, since it’s up to our server provider to do this and up to our own IT-support to fix the rest. Perfect. First it was another hassle to get things done correctly and eventually the deadline was not reached by 2 entire days simply because our provider refused to perform certain actions. So it was non-stop mailing back and forth, non-stop calling to the Netherlands and to make things worse I had my client constantly calling me for an update and demanding things that were out of my hand. It all ended well and what was needed to be done was done. This whole project, the final stages of the migration were a 15 minute task, but in total cost almost 21 working hours just to get it started.

Okay… but lucky me this was all in my evaluation week! #FML o.O

My evaluation can be summed down as the following: I am a good employee, but maybe not a good leader. And the fact that the company is growing and some departments will be merged, only one person will be on top of such a merged department… and it won’t be me.

The conclusion that I am not a good leader was all based on ONE person.
IT WAS ONE TIME, COME ON!!!!!!!! This was the part that seriously frustrated me more. Yes, my team was small. At one point it was even 2 people. One stumbled down and the other excelled. Sadly (for me), the case going down was also the one that dragged me down.

I had a 2 hour talk with the boss that I was not happy with this and was not going down without a fight. After all, a captain goes down with his ship! Another meeting to talk about this is yet to be scheduled. However, when I was home I thought to myself, why am I fighting? Isn’t this perfect? If I don’t have a team to manage anymore I can come to work, put on my headphone and work in silence for 8 hours without worrying about others and just getting my own work done. The perfect solution to a very stressful situation, right?

After a long day at work, I usually get myself lost in the virtual world of endless possibilities – also simply known as “surfing the internet” – but the twisted nails of fate didn’t allow this this week, because my internet has been down since Monday!!!!!

Oh and I am not done yet, my dear readers, I have also NOT been going out nor drinking or having any spontaneous fun for 6 weeks now. Instead I’ve just staying home and trying to focus on other things, like school, which made me realize: SOBER LIFE EFFING SUCKS!!!
Never have I wanted to just sit down with a bottle of merlot in front of my laptop more than now. I don’t mean to sounds to like a raging alcoholic or whatever, I just crave a nice stress-free moment!

Luckily this week came to a good end with a quiet Friday at work, Epica’s new single release “The Essence of Silence” and a long weekend up ahead. Oh wait… but I have to study for an examination next week: OMG, can’t I get a freaking break?

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

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