Same Script, Different Cast

by Clayton
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I think it was Whitney Houston that sang a song called “Same script, different cast”… or was it some other black R&B diva? I don’t know… I just want to say that again and again I’m reminded that all my lovers (real or imaginary) eventually turn out to be the same.

No matter how high the IQ, how big the bank account, how fancy the house, how pretty the eyes… they’re all the same.

Worse of all is: I never learn!

Note-to-self: no matter how different it feels, it’s just the same!

What a weird introduction to a blog post huh?!

Good news: I seem to be over my creative blog. After a long chat with a friend (living in Amsterdam), who knows how to pick my brain, I have finally have been able to spill all that has been bothering me, finally see things clearly again and have finally been able let go.

I said to my depression “FUCK OFF, I want my life back!”
Later that day I started getting random sparks of creativity and was finally able to design something new after weeks. It felt great.
I also feel that I am ready again to leave the house for something other than school or work again. So I’m going out tonight. It’s time to get my mojo back!

I prefer not to go into the full story. Let it just be what it is (or wasn’t) and just let it fade away.

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