Rotterdam – The tourist experience

by Clayton
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In the times that I’ve been to Rotterdam, I’ve never really done anything “tourist-y” until this time…. Let me try to rephrase that sentence; it wasn’t until yesterday that I have had the full “Rotterdam, The Tourist Experience”. Last year when I was here and I had met that-one-gorgeous-grey-eyed-Dutchie we did stroll around the streets of Rotterdam, but this time it was with someone new, whom I’ve had contact almost on a daily basis, but finally met for the first time yesterday. And this time it was more than just a stroll around town. This time it was really from one side to the other side of Rotterdam, including all the “must-see” places of Rotterdam.

We met up at the Central Station after my eye research (see the previous blog post) where we then had to find a place to eat. Since the decision was left to me to make, and since I can be very indecisive, it took quite a few blocks of walking from restaurant to restaurant, before actually entering one.

After that we took the subway to another part of town, where we went on the SS Rotterdam. As a gigantic Titanic fan, I had to keep myself from coming across overly exciting, which I seriously was. That ship is huge and amazing. I could picture myself staying in one of the hotel rooms inside the ship. After another quick bite in there we headed over to another part of town.

I’ve always wanted to go on top of the Euromast, but could never get anyone to actually go with me. Up until now *insert over-the-top evil laughter here*. Once again, I had to contain myself and not act like a…. I don’t know what… let’s just say I was very excited and happy 😀
That view of Rotterdam from the top of the Euromast? Bloody amazing and unforgettable. Good thing I don’t have a fear of heights. I was so pumped up on adrenaline that I didn’t even the cold wind up there.


By the time this was all over it was dinner time and instead of finding another restaurant the-person-whom-I-have-no-nickname-yet-for-my-blog made dinner and since I was too tired to travel and had to be in Rotterdam the next day again, I took the guest fold-out bed and quickly fell asleep. The next day, we parted ways at the same spot that we finally met in person for the first time.

So thank you very-nice-and-cute-German…. Maybe that should be your blog nickname?! 🙂

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Barry February 14, 2015 - 8:29 PM

There is more to see in Rotterdam 🙂

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