Road trip to the countryside – Nickerie

by Clayton
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Last Friday I went with my friends on a road trip to district Nickerie (read about this disctrict on Wikipedia). This is quite a long drive and very far out of town. I now know what it feels like to have been at the “countryside”.

First of all this wasn’t a regular road trip like me and my friends did a few weeks ago. My buddy Farid had to be in that district for a funeral of an aunt and he didn’t want to drive all the distance alone, so ask us to tag along. Since I’ve never been it seemed like a cool thing to do. The deceased was also only family through wedlock, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Farid picked us up at around 7 AM on Friday and we drove to the other side of the country. The journey wasn’t half as bad as the stories I’ve heard. We were actually there before I even got bored of sitting. Maybe because of the company, but the ride really was no big deal at all.

As Farid went to pay his respect, Dominique and I had his car to explore the city. Now Nickerie is very small so I could find my way around without having to use Google Maps. We went sightseeing at the market, a local square and went to the sea sight. We also saw the famous rice fields that Nickerie is famous for. Lots and lots of rice fields. But after an hour or two we got bored and just hung at the terrace of hotel Residence Inn. We had a few drinks and something to eat until Farid called us to pick him up. The district is very small and there is really nothing fun to do there, so I was more than happy to be back in the city.


More photos on my Facebook account.

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