OMG, our stuff got stolen!!

by Clayton
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The year 2013 has only begun 5 days ago and so far it has brought me nothing but back luck. Can anyone tell me if Nostradamus had any bad luck predictions for 2013 or if I have simply been bitten by the Bad Luck Bug? #Unlucky2013

The bad luck started on New Year’s Eve. My blog, this very one that I’m posting now on, was hacked by an unknown source. I had to delete the entire blog and was able to restore everything again thanks to constant backups. Later that same evening/next morning my external hard drive started failing. It eventually crashed completely after a few hours. It just stopped working. I received word yesterday that the damage is huge and I lost lots of personal data. The bad luck continued when I started feeling ill on Thursday morning and had to call in sick to work. Yesterday or technically this morning it all got worse when my best friend Dominique and I got robbed. Let me tell you the story from beginning till the end.

It was a normal Friday night and usually my friends and I go out on Fridays. I wasn’t really feeling like going out, because last week, with the holidays and all the New Year’s parties, I was a bit fed up of partying. But my friends wanted to go out, and since it’s the last weekend before college starts again on Monday I decided to tag along anyways. I didn’t feel like driving so I asked Doki to pick me up. She arrived a little after 11.00 pm in front of my house. We had to drive up to Paramaribo North where Farid was with 2 other friends of ours. We had to wait up for Farid to finish up working and after that we all drove to his house were we had to pick up Patrick.

While we were driving I had this sudden idea to tell Dominique to park at the club that was nearby where we first met up and instead we would take one car to Farid’s house. As I look back at the way the night had ended, I had a bad feeling the entire night and it’s almost like I subconsciously knew that something bad was going to happen. I ignore all the signs. The “leaving the car at the club” idea was the second sign I had ignored that night. The first one was me not wanting to go out.

We arrived at Farid’s house around 1 AM and he had to get ready. At around 2 AM we were all ready and set to go out. Here is when I had another bad feeling and wanted to take both cars, Dominique’s and Farid’s to the club. This because we were with a group of 5 and I thought that was too many people for one car. We decided to go in one car after all.
I went into Doki’s car to take money out of my wallet and put it back in the car. I had a bag with me in which I put my house keys, driver’s license and remote control of the front gate of our house. I remembered locking the door that I had opened. The car that Doki was driving that night is here dad’s old car and doesn’t have a central locking system, so you manually have to lock all the doors.

We went out and even when on the dance floor I had a strange feeling. I was feeling socially awkward for no apparent reason at all. I also realized at that moment that clubs really suck when you’re too sober. Dancing to Gangnam Style without being totally wasted just looks plain idiotic. I actually preferred to be at home at that moment, but endured the night because I wasn’t with my own car.

Around 5.00 AM we decided to go home after we had our early morning after-party-fast-food-breakfast at On The Run. When we arrived back at Farid’s house the door of the driver’s seat of Doki’s car was wide open. We first thought that we forgot to close it, but I remembered them being all closed. I also was the last one to enter the car, BUT it was at the passenger’s side and I do remember having locked those doors. I didn’t check the other side. It must have been left unlocked since we stopped at the house, because no windows were smashed.

We entered the car and we noticed that we were robbed. That bag that I had with my stuff in it was gone. Doki’s handbag was left, but all her things were scattered on the backseat and her wallet was missing. It was officially: out stuff got stolen!!!

We then rushed to the nearest police station and believe me when I say; being at a police station at 5.30 in the morning after a night that was already crappy is NOT fun! I felt horrible. We had to give a full report of all the things that were missing and after that we went back to the house were the car was still standing.

Doki brought me back home and I had to call my mom awake, because I had no way to get in the house. Most awkward phone call ever: “Mom, can you open the front door for me? I just got robbed!

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