My 24th Birthday Celebration

by Clayton
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Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd… oops, I mean 24th birthday 🙂
It’s quite shocking when you realize just how fast a year goes by. Didn’t I recently celebrate my 23th birthday?

This year I really had no idea what to do for my birthday. I didn’t even feel like my birthday was coming up, at least not until I was receiving the first congratulations from friends living in Europe. It was around 20.00h local time (meaning already February 1st in Europe) when my phone started showing notifications of new messages. After having received about 5 congratulations I was starting to feel the thrill of my birthday. This was only the beginning of a long list of more messages to come.

After 12.00pm I met up with my two best friends Dominique and Farid. We did a few (read: a lot of) tequila shots. Received my first (or technically second) birthday gift, which was a cookbook. Yes, my dear readers. My friends encourage me to start preparing my own meals. lol.
After the drinks, Doki and I drove around, but everywhere was already closed, so instead we went home to sleep.

I slept that day until 11AM and didn’t really do anything much until 12. My phone was constantly filling with new messages. BBM, Facebook, emails, sms messages, whatsapp… strangely no phone calls. At least not on my mobile phone. Just on our home number. I spent most of the afternoon doing nothing much. At 18.00h I even had to go to school for a quick presentation and around 19.30 I was back at home. I had told my guests to visit at that hour. My “guests” were only my brother, his girlfriend and Farid. They ate, drank and left. It was time for me to go out.


First it was a movie with friend, after that some more drinking and after that Doki and I went to pick up my friend Zoureena, who had to perform that night and after that went to Club Touche to dance the night away.

So I didn’t really have a birthday party, but had loads of fun with my close friends. Next year is my 25th birthday and I might have a big celebrating. For now I am content with the day I had 🙂


(If you want to see more photos, just check my Facebook profile)

Below I have a list of ALL the people who sent me messages, called me or thank me in person. Thanks a lot everyone. I really appreciate all the kind words.

Dominique, Farid, Zoureena, Ivan, Lynsey, Kirston, Mandela, Patrick, Stephany B, Faid, Grace K, Augusto, Christine, Juriaan, Jeroen, Gail, Ameet, Suanda, Melvin, Stefan, Chivarao, Donovan T, Denise, Jeroen, Juriaan, Nancy, Valerie, Kimberly, Rachel S, Margé, Roepesh, Lisa, Janiina, Jennifer, Manish, Jurgen, Sanjay, Dimitri, Aubrey, Veerle, Sergio E, Sergio N, Sergio D, Michele, Conchita, Donrich, Sharwan, Reginald, Awinash, Akash, Anastasia, Hortence, Xavira P, Rudi, Lyndon T, Lyndon D, Jayend K, Erna, Yvanna Hilton, Plauto, Anthony A, Johan, Judith, Stephan, Raoel, Regillio, Melissa, Faranaz, Rubina, Stephanie L, Marlene, Cheryl S, Orelia, Inoca, Beverly, Jason, Dorothy, Roberto, Shawnee, Nequestic, Armand M, Edith, Xiomara, Faroek, Nancy, Valerie, Kimberly, Rachel S, Arifa, Natanael, Rachel R, Maikel L, Maikel H, Xafiera, Cheryll R, Sol, Gabi, Henning, Randy, James L, Kevin v B, Kevin C, Xaviera G, Lloyd, Julie-Ann, Joey,  Fabiola, Maike, Barkha, Josepha, Eugenie, Holie, László, Jermain, Sonny, Nico, Ryan S, Olivier, Manesh, Susanne, Samantha, Diego L, Rishi, Anthony C, Abina and Jeffrey. Also the rest of the Garden Hotel Crew 🙂 and my family members for their calls.  <:o)

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