I’ve resigned from my job!

by Clayton
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Here’s something new in my life: about 2 months ago I handed in my resignation letter to my current employer. To those of you whom have been following my Facebook posts closely, this might not come as a shock. Also a few work-related blog posts may have subconsciously led to my decision to resign.

There has not been one specific reason to my resignation, nor will I write down any negative down here – so if you’re here for some juicy rumors, you might just click away now.

Okay, you’re still reading 🙂

All I will say is, that the past few months there have been drastic changes at the office; change is good, but in this case none of these changes were bringing me closer to my dream of relocating and purchasing a two bedroom apartment in Amsterdam or that one dream house in Rotterdam. Neither helping me become a renowned fictional writer and a successful blogger that gets to travel around.

Hey, don’t laugh! A boy is allowed to dream, right?!

Yes, you might think that I have clearly been working in the wrong place, but that’s not entirely true. My other (short term) dream was to manage a successful team of web developers or to be an awesome freelancer that has a lot of happy clients and earns enough to be able to fly from city to city. Oops, guess we ended back to the topic of traveling.

But you are getting the point that I am trying to make, right?

Things have not been the same and I had spiraled in a vicious cycle of hard work, sleeplessness and was slowly seeping into depression. I needed change… I needed to leave!

Funny enough, 2 weeks after handing in my resignation letter, I received my result of this professional personally test we did months ago, and the results of that test clearly point out that leaving now was one of the best decisions I could have taken.

I am quite a restless person, that’s full of dreams and ambitions. I have a lot I want to accomplish and I know exactly what I want, but lately I have not been coming closer to any of these dreams, but instead I’ve slipping further away from them.

After I had almost reached the point of a complete burn out and constantly feeling constrained, it was time for me to say thank you and goodbye. I am grateful for the 3,5 years I have been able to work hard and gain a lot of knowledge, but I’ve reached the end of the runway and it’s time to fly!

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