I got my stuff back! Yay :D

by Clayton
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That awkward moment when you’re awaken at 11.00 AM on a Sunday by a police car in front of your house! Good news: they found my stuff 😀

My bag with all my stuff in it: bank cards, ID, driver’s license, college pass, other cards and pictures. Even my Blackberry charger, which was in the bag, was still there.

They were clearly just looking for money… Which they didn’t find! The only money in my wallet was a quarter. (I WANT MY QUARTER BACK!!!)

The only thing missing is my house keys and remote control. But we’ve already changed the locks of the house yesterday 😉

As I searched my bag further I started noticing a few extra things:
Another driver’s license, a GLOW (a local beauty store) card and a female condom (dafuq?)…
Clearly these extra things weren’t mine. They were Dominique’s 🙂

Yay, double win!!!

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