Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Clayton
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Come join the loveboat
We’re anchored offshore
Martinis and bikinis
Oh, l’amour

As I’m writing this, Valentine’s Day has already been over for 48 hours, but in the last few hours I’ve not exactly been in the right state of mind to write. So Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day to you.

Though I’ve been practically single my entire life, I’m not one to hate on Valentine’s Day, because I see absolutely nothing wrong with this day. After all, Valentine’s Day is not just about lovers, but everyone you hold dear.

I asked around why people hate Valentine’s Day and the answer I mostly received was: because the day is highly commercialized. But so what? So is Christmas and you still celebrate that don’t you?
Another reason for the anti-Valentine’s Day is, because “you have to be nice and express your love every single day”.
I agree with that, but what’s wrong with expressing your love a little bit extra? It’s not like every husband can afford a heart shaped locket for his wife all 365 days of the year. Also the guy maybe needs an extra special day to declare his love.
Or maybe for the insecure teen boy in the back of the classroom who has this ginormous crush on that pretty girl in class, but normally never has the guts to make himself noticeable. Maybe V-day is the day he needs to write a little love note and hope for the best…. Wait, this is how stalking starts…. On second thought maybe V-day isn’t such a good idea. xD

Okay, if you are in a relationship where Valentine’s Day is the ONLY day your lover expresses his feelings; in that case you have the right to kick him to the curves – same goes the other way around.

But frankly, most people that hate Valentine’s Day are the ones that simply can’t get laid :-p

As for me, I am single and I’m not loving it, but also not hating it. I’m just used to it.
Do you know the kind of people who are always in a relationship and basically can’t function if they are not in one? I’m sure at least one of your friends is like that… well, it’s the opposite with me. I’m that friend who is always single. Someone has to play that role right? I just got that part.
Clayton – the single one… That would be my description in the opening scene of a sitcom.

So how did I spend my Valentine’s Day?
I honestly hadn’t planned anything and would have just let the day pass, but I was surprised early morning at work with a large chocolate bar. That was quite unexpected, but very kind. I did feel a bit bad, because I honestly hadn’t prepared anything. I wasn’t planning to do what I did at high school: I bought a bunch of roses for my female friends or random girls in class. Just to be nice. I really was just about to let the day slide. Later that day when my general manager arrived at work we got some more chocolate and sweet ( Sweet right?). That was supposed to be the end of the day for me.

However, somehow I ended up making plans on facebook with friends for a I-am-single-or-my-boyfriend-lives-in-Germany Valentine’s Day celebration.
Description: a group of friends who were alone on Valentine’s Day spending it together, getting drunk and getting ready to pass out…. We were “alone” together.
We met at my friend’s house who’s idea this was, and emptied a couple of wine bottles together and shared stories of our failed love lives or plain randomness. I honestly can’t remember much of what we talked about, but it was fun. Nothing better than spending V-day with your friends when you’re single.

I sadly couldn’t stay out to late, because I had to get up at 5 AM for work, so I was at home at exactly 12 o’ clock. I went to bed and I could clearly feel the wine playing with my head. In the morning I shortly regretted it all, since I was suffering from a hangover. Maybe, “regret” is the wrong word to use, because I didn’t regret it…. Just the headache was unpleasant to get through the day… and WITHOUT COFFEE nonetheless.

So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with one day to be extra lovey-dovey with your lover, as long as you also love and cherish each other for the rest of the year.

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