Happy 2013 everyone!!

by Clayton
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Another hour to go and it’s time to say goodbye to 2012. At the end of each year I have one New Year’s resolution and that is to make the next year even better than the previous one. I always doubt that this is even possible, but on New Year’s Eve I realize that I have been able to succeed the year that has passed.

I mostly have to thank my close friends for their never-ending support in my whirlpool that I call life. Thanks to them life is crazy, awesome and worth living. I will tag them below, but hope none of my other friends will feel left out, because you know that all of you mean a lot to me in your own special way. I hope that 2013 will be EVEN better… I seriously have no idea how this will be possible after the awesome joyride that 2012 has been.

Of course, just like each year 2012 had its ups & downs, but I prefer not to dwell too much on negativity. I live and I learn. I make mistakes, just like every human being, but I do notice that I am growing each year. I can only hope and promise myself that I have truly learned from my past mistakes, idiotic decisions, low-self-esteem issues and lack of communication. I am only human 🙂

Happy 2013 everyone!!!! <:o)


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