Happy 2012 everyone!

by Clayton
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Happy New Year my beloved readers, whomever and wherever you might be. Another year has just ended and we are at the beginning of a new one. Time for changes and New Year’s resolutions. Pffft. Not for me.
I’m done with the whole “making New Year’s resolutions” thing. I never am unable to accomplish them anyways. If I accomplish one than it has been “a successful year” for me. I actually stopped making resolutions 2 years ago. Last year I only had one: learn how to cook (read: “Cooking is a skill i just don’t master!”), and not even that have I been able to learn. I still don’t even know how to properly turn on the stove. FAIL! X_X

Instead of making new resolutions I just plan to live my life as fulfilling as possible. And I have to admit, 2011 was a great year for me. Just like any other year it did have it lows, but I think the highlights overweight the low points.
I was just reading my review of 2010 (Read: “Happy 2011 everyone!!!”). I described that year as EPIC… how can I describe 2011 in one word then? EPIC-er, than EPIC? Awesomeness overload? Beyond simplicity? I have no idea. It was just another great for me.

I didn’t have any mayor life changing experiences this year. It’s not like a father a child last year. For the love of God please no. *Gets shivers down his spine*.

On second thought, I did have some great experiences that gave my life another course, but nothing as dreadful as a child. By now I guess I sound horrible and like I suffer from phedophobia. I like children. Just not for me. Or anytime soon… maybe it would be best to return to the original subject of this blog 🙂

I feel that my life is still the same. Busy, busy, busy.
School, work, parties, friends, home, books, personal computer, laptop, blog, music, vacations; nothing new really. It’s just the events, the activities and people that are involved in all my daily activities that separate each year from the previous one.

I am now in the 3rd class of my 5-year-ICT-study. Honestly? This year hasn’t been that hard… YET!
There are a few subjects from last year and one from this year that I have to redo and all of that is mostly due to my tights schedule of things-to-do that require 30 hours a day, whilst we only have 24 hours a day. Who said that life was easy?
Also a lack of interest is the cause of me not having completed certain courses yet. For example: TCP/IP. I seriously DON’T like that area of the IT world. It interests me as much as I am interested in where seaweed comes from. BORING! Oh well. I guess I will have to do so, sooner or later, right?

I started a new job on April 1st, and NO that wasn’t an April fool’s Joke :-p
The job is very real. Leaving the old one behind was very hard, but we all have to move on eventually right? And besides, the pay is good, the hours are flexible and I learn a lot.
I might be keeping this one for the time being. Probably until I finish my studies.

The only change in the family was my grandmother’s passing in November. We all still miss her very much and are still coping with it and trying to live with the fact that she’s no longer amongst us. But that’s life; there’s nothing we can change.

The year for friends has been great once again. Made a few new ones, maybe have a little less contact with others now, but it’s all okay in the end. They are the ones that keep me going and motivated in life. I appreciate them very much and will always be there to help them out of trouble or just to be crazy together.

For the sake of my sanity, I’m going to skip writing about this.

There were days in the past year that I seriously needed a break from it all. One very mentionable was when I was feeling very stressed out and down and had a break from work ASAP, because I was feeling I was going to lose it. In September I had a short vacation and again last week. Last week was awesome. Can’t complain 🙂 actually it was great. Nuff said 😀

I also went to the Netherlands in May, and that was also another GREAT time. 😀
I won’t go into repeating the story. I’m sure you’ve read all about it already.

What do you mean you haven’t? Go READ IT NOW!!!

The awesomeness of my May vacation was the Epica concert I attended. The first time I saw my favorite band perform live. I have to thank my
buddy Patrick in The Netherlands for getting me that ticket. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE… so far :-p
I’m seeing them again in a little more than two months. On March 16th, 2012 they have a new album out on March 9th, 2012 “Requiem for the Indifferent” and on March 16 is the album presentation, where they will perform songs from the new album and some older songs. I’m very excited about the show. Let’s just hope I don’t forget my camera this time. lol

As mentioned above I don’t want to make specific plans for 2012.
What I do want to do is make a START to my plan to travel the world. I want to visit a few of my friends which I’ve met online over the years and also various other places I want to see before I die. I’m not sure how many of these places I will be able to visit in 2012. It all depends on the available time and more importantly, the available cash I have to fulfill these plans. I’m not sure where 2012 will take me, but I will be flying to some unknown destinations. And of course you will be reading about it here on my blog. 🙂

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