Gym Improvements

by Clayton
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It’s been exactly 8 weeks since I’ve actively started working out and I have to say that I have entered the stage where I have grown to love doing it. Wait, what?

I actually never believed anyone when they said that they enjoyed working out, until I experienced the thrill and the feeling of accomplishment myself. For example:
A few weeks ago, it just was not my day. I woke up in a bad mood and nothing I tried to improve my mood helped. After work I went to the gym, released all my aggression and by the end of the training I felt better than I had in days.

So yeah, I am actually now looking forward to working out. I am even starting to notice some visible changes. My biceps are growing, my tummy feels tighter and so do my thighs. It’s probably not visible to others, but I know my own body and am noticing the difference.

But generally speaking I am very proud of myself for keeping up so far and for that I should thank the personal trainer, because there’s no way I would have kept up this long and shown this many results within 8 weeks by myself.

However I am still far from looking like Adonis, so time to log off and head to the gym again.

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