First day at the new job!

by Clayton
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Yesterday was the first day of work at my new job. I can’t really say how it was yet, since I didn’t do much yet, but I can say that it’s DIFFERENT! Of course I expected it to be different, but it really was an entire new experience to me. I felt like an alien in a strange new world.
First of all I’m in an office in a team of 5. So it was quiet to me. Most had their iPods in their ears and did their job. No elevator bell, the phone barely ringing, no ticking of the fountain noise, no stranger passing me by and saying “Bonjour!”. I felt quite weird. All I heard was the sound of the air-conditioning, the twirling of the computer fan and the faint murmurs of colleagues by the coffee corner.
Furthermore I’m used to an open space and not to a small office. We are temporarily in another office space, because the one of the web development company recently got repainted, so it’s impossible to work there for the time being.
I also have to get used to being the newbie. At my previous job I knew everyone and everything. Now it’s the exact opposite and I need to get adjusted to the new atmosphere fast.
As for the work itself; it was interested at first, because I had to make this flyer for a private company event that same afternoon. So I did my best to add my own flair to it. It was a success. Later I got bored, because I was asked to colorize this photo of a sofa in almost every color in the coloring chart for some furniture website. I got seriously bored and my eyes fell shut a few times. Luckily no one noticed. I need to buy a new iPod ASAP, at least I’ll be able to catch up on the tons of music I have on my computer, but barely get the time to listen to.
As for my team members themselves, I can’t say much, because I’ve not really socialized with them yet. They do seem like a close team so hopefully I’ll be able to blend in very soon.
So I will say that my first day was a 50-50. It’s definitely going to take a lot of getting used to.

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