Endorphins make you happy

by Clayton
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Last month I posted that I had started with the Insanity exercise program and I have to say that this is going way better than I expected it to go. I can feel myself gaining strength and I am actually looking forward to the late night exercises. Yes, I only work out at night, because 1 – that’s the only moment I find time and 2 – I have tried morning exercising and it just NOT work for me. I admit that I have taken a lot more “off days” than I should, but any exercise is better than none. Certainly in my life. Junk food is also another thing I have limited myself to eat.

Funny thing is, I am nearing the last 3 weeks of the program and this is when my body decided to “take a break”. Last week I have been unable to exercise. I did one day, but that was Recovery Thursday and that’s not very intriguing. But last week has also been a very long and stressful work week. When I got home all I could think about was jumping into my bed and exercise by running through dream worlds.

But I am jumping back on the exercise train tomorrow. The amount of endorphins you get during the excising is so exhilarating, I love it. Not sure if looking forward to excising is a good or a bad thing. Then again, these are the only physical body action I am getting in my regular life.  o.O #IfYouKnowWhatiMean

PS: if you’re wondering why the title of this blog post sounds familiar, this is why: Watch This Video! 😉

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