3 years at Alembo

by Clayton
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Today is exactly 3 years ago that I first signed in here… and it was NOT a joke!! 😀

Time has gone by fast. 3 years ago I had 3 times less grey hairs on my head and I weight 5 kg lighter. Oh Alembo, what have you done to me? Haha

In my 3 years I sat in 2 different rooms in the building, have had 2 different functions, seems colleagues come and go, have worked with various clients, have gained a lot of new experiences, have been annoyed multiple times, have been satisfied, have one time seriously considered quitting, have loved and hated my job both at the same time, became a work-a-holic. But I think all of the above is part of every job.

I did decide to throw a minor celebration; by buying cake for the people I have known the longest here. And that only because I am not sure if a 4th anniversary will follow, but who knows. Anything can happen, right?

Maybe I should reward myself on this work anniversary with a nice 2 week vacation. 🙂 Well I did already have 5 vacations since I’ve been working here, but who’s counting anyways…. lol

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