Flying back home with mixed feelings

by Clayton
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Here I am writing high in the sky again…. flying back to Paramaribo.
All this blogging at 36.000ft seems to have become a habit of mine.

Two and a half weeks of The Netherlands… oh what an adventure it has been. I think this has been the best vacation of mine so far. There are a few things that I would have preferred to have gone otherwise, but overall it was great.

I had expected to be standing in tears at the airport, but I was late and the last person to check-in, so I barely had any time to think. It was check-in and run to gate. On one hand I think this is best. I had enough airport-drama-moments in my life.
Why was I late you may ask? Mostly because of a miscalculation of time. Not my fault, but the ones that had to bring me to the airport were kind of slow. But in the end it all went well. I was started to get a little bit worried when Jeroen was whatsapping me where the hell I was staying, because there were already busy with the security check as I left the flat of my aunt.

Once in the plan I finally had time to finally settle down. I quickly went to find Jeroen whom is sitting in a whole other part of the plane. And since we’re left the ground I have already visited a couple of times. Can’t wait till we land. It’s going to be an awesome 2 weeks with him in Suriname.

I really think I should write a few separate blogs about all the things that I’ve done. I can give you a quick summary and if you are really interested to read more about a certain thing please let me know and I will write it down.

I went from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, to Eindhoven, to Reuver and Roermond. I went to two concerts two days in a row. My back was killing me by the end of that night. Saw 3 of my favorite bands perform live in one weekend…. And of course Epica, the entire reason of this trip. I ate all sorts of great Dutch food. Saw my friends, made new friends, went to parties everywhere, fell in love, got confused, slept on beds, air matrasses and also a sofa bed. Made out with strangers, woke up twice in a strange bed, lost my camera, found my camera again, paid a shitload to fix my phone’s screen that still doesn’t function normally, got harassed by a cat, got harassed by a lesbian, got harassed by a drunk chick in the night bus, went to an awesome birthday party, played bingo, danced on a stripper pole, danced in various clubs, expended my contact list with new numbers, added new Facebook friends and took tons of photos. (Check Facebook for the photos!)

Why do I have mixed feelings?
Well there are a few things that I had wanted differently. Like that one date that I really liked was the best, but yet confusing one. But maybe we can’t have it all in life, right?

Another thing is that I received a really confusing message from my aunt where I stayed at. I was so confused that I haven’t even replied to it. I still need to figure out what that is about.

So yeah, it has been a really wild, crazy, weird, awesome trip. 🙂


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