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Oslo, Norway

By Clayton

February 21, 2016
Just before heading to Oslo, we stopped along the roadside a few more time for some amazing scenery photos. Snow is beautiful… the more the better. You can see that in the video below.

So after that snow storm, we made it safely to Oslo. We were in the middle of the city’s center and we walked around the Oslo Opera House for some pictures and after that went on a food hunting trip. Oslo is beautiful, but hella expensive. I bought the most expensive burger I have ever had in my entire life. I believe it was about 20 euros just for the burger. It was good though.

Oslo is definitely a place I want to return to one day. The city is beautiful and we only got to see a small part of it and we didn’t have that much time. We needed to catch the cruise ship from Oslo, back to Denmark in a few hours.

However, we did have one hour to kill after lunch… so we decided to all split up and explore the city by ourselves. The plan was to meet up back by the car in the parking lot. We opened our favorite apps and we all disappeared. I met up with a very lovely Greek… in Norway, I know… but yeah it was a fun encounter. Definitely returning one day… I better save up a lot though.

At night time we met up at the parking lot and boarded the ship. I had some major Titanic set-in-modern-times vibe on this ship… this was also quite an unique experience. Tell you all about it in the next post.

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Fosby, Norway – Cabin in the Woods

By Clayton

February 20, 2016
The following morning we had another early wake up. Norway awaited us.
So, quick shower, packing, head to the car, scrap the ice off again, and everyone load in… Clayton wrapped in the big blanket again, off to Norway.

Along the way we stopped for some breakfast at this side road dinner and eventually arrived (though the heavy snow) in Fosby, Norway. Fosby is located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Norway and not many people actually live there. It’s the people of Norway there outhouses, where they go to enjoy the summer vacation. Don’t know how Farid even heard of this place, but he found the cabin via AirBNB.

It was quite relaxing. No one was around, no wifi… just 4 friends, alone in a cabin, surrounded by snow and wild life. Okay, that sounds kinda scary… which is was… especially when walking outside in the dark. But inside it was warm and cozy.

The boys cooked dinner, and we just chit-chatted and listened to music.
The cabin is definitely a place I would like to visit again… away from the real world.
It was magical and in the morning I saw deer prints in the snow outside our bedroom.

For breakfast we had eggs and after we packed our bags we left the cabin we made our way to Oslo. On the highway, we were hit by a snowstorm, which wasn’t that great since the car had no snow tires and we basically almost slit of the road and died. Well… we didn’t die obviously, but it was very scary. But hey, the adventure life, no?

This post has no pictures, but 3 short videos, which I am sure you will enjoy!

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Stockholm, Sweden

By Clayton

February 19, 2016
After Denmark we headed towards Sweden. We first stopped in Malmö for breakfast at McDonalds (the atrocity, I know). After that some sightseeing and shortly after made our way to our hostel in Stockholm.

This was the first for me sleeping in a hostel. The concept is quite interesting and for the low costs you get to experience a lot. Like chatting with this hot Polish guy sleeping shirtless across the bed from yours… just saying.

After unload (and locking) our luggage we went to stroll the beautiful city of Stockholm.
We found quite a fancy restaurant and had köttbullar for dinner. If you don’t know what that is, that is Swedish meatballs and it is TOTES AMAZEBALLS!! The name is even funnier if you speak Dutch, because it sounds like a curse word.

After dinner we went to walk around and ended up in a pub. The locals are quite interesting and not to mention good looking. The overall atmosphere was amazing and I seriously would like to return to Stockholm and stay a lot longer.

When it started getting too late we made our way back to the hostel and went to bed. We had another early day and road trip the following day. Norway was next on the map.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

By Clayton

February 18, 2016
After we had a few days to recover from out Paris road trip it was time to pack our bags again and loads the car… this time it was time for the Scandinavian Road Trip, from Amsterdam, through German, to Denmark, to Sweden, Norway and then back again.

And this time Patrick and Raymil would join us, so the car packed!! Yay, ROAD TRIP!!!

We drove towards Hamburg, Germany and got greeted with big pack of snow.
I have seen snow before, but none of this magnitude. It was amazing. A total winter wonderland. Soon Ryan started having snowball fights with the other boys and I was just there taking in the view… and taking pictures.

In Fehmarn we took the ferry to cross the Baltic sea towards Denmark.

Once we were in Denmark we made our way to this house which we found via AirBNB.
The house had several rooms rented out to tourists like us.

After we unloaded our bags we went to explore the city of Copenhagen, had dinner and later that night returned back to the house. But to be honest, I was not that impressed by Copenhagen. Having said that, it’s still a nice city. No disrespect obviously.

The next morning we packed our bags and drove to see the famous “The Little Mermaid” statue. After that we all went back to the car, I rolled myself in a blanket and we made our way towards Sweden.

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Château de Versailles

By Clayton

Date: February 14, 2016

So about last night…

After we came home from dinner Ryan quickly went to bed, but Farid and me, the “party animals” that we are kept on drinking and didn’t want to end the night there. I mean, how often are you in Paris?

So after a quick shower we decided to experience the Parisian night life.
I do not recall where we went exactly, but we ended up in a pub that was in walking distance of our apartment. It was not that crowded or entertaining, so we went to find another place to have a good time. We ended up in this seedy bar. Not that seedy is our thing… We were just very much intoxicated in Paris. So we had a couple more drinks, made “friends” with the locals in the dark-lid bar. Farid and I shortly after lost each other, but I am sure we both had fun. What happens in Paris, stays in Paris.

We later found each other again, and wanted to head back to the apartment. The problem was, we had no idea where we were. What do you do in this case? Well Google maps on your phone. But what do you do when you phone isn’t there? Wait, what? Yup…. Farid’s phone had vanished into thin air. Yup, he was robbed or left it somewhere. Depending on what you choose to believe. Either way, there was a missing phone and mine had no internet so wasn’t much help either. We somehow found our way to the apartment without internet and just went to sleep.

The next day…

Later that morning we woke up, still in disbelieve what had happened, but it did.
Ryan’s cousin was about to pick us up to head to Château de Versailles. Before that day I had no idea what that was. Yes, I didn’t do enough research on Paris before going there. But after the visit I became obsessed with the story of the things that happened in that infamous chateau.


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Paris City Tour and The Louvre

By Clayton

Date: February 13, 2016

The next morning we went for a city tour. Our main destination was The Louvre Museum, but we took our time to explore the city a bit first and started off with a real French breakfast.

First stop on our Paris city tour was: Notre-Dame. This cathedral is big and ethereal.
I was looking to see if I could see Quasimodo lurk behind of the pillars :p
Actually before entering Notre-Dame, we went to this underground museum right in front of the cathedral that displays a history of the Notre-Dame.


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Road Trip to Paris

By Clayton

Date: February 12, 2016

On the early morning of February 12th, 2016, Farid, Ryan and I did a road trip in Farid’s VW Polo car to Paris. This was my very first time in Paris, so I was very excited. However it was very early though.

We drove from Amsterdam, via Rotterdam to Antwerp, Belgium.
We arrived just after sunrise in Antwerp. We decided to explore the city a bit and go grab some breakfast.

First thing we visited was the Antwerp train station. That building is ginormous and gorgeous. We had coffee near the Antwerp Cathedral and walked around the shopping area.

After Antwerp we drove to Brussels see the Atomium. Another ginormous construction.


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Almere, Enkhuizen, Artis Zoo and Rijkmuseum

By Clayton

Date: February 6, 2016 – Almere and Enkhuizen

The following day we drove to Almere to visit my aunt that lives there. I needed to bring a few things over, which I brought from Suriname and she also knows Farid from a long time ago and this is the first time they saw each other again.

After the visit in Almere were drove to Enkhuizen. A place I have never visited nor heard of before, but it was very historical to put it in words. The entire town looked like a damn painting.

We also visited this pub that has an official “hofleverancier” status. Places with this status are places that have been visited or provided services to the Dutch royal family.
So wait, what? I peed in the same toilet as the current reigning Dutch King? Awesomeness! 😀



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Departure PBM – Destination AMS

By Clayton

Date: February 3, 2016

The day that Ryan (RSA) and I would fly off to The Netherlands to enjoy a well-deserved vacation had finally arrived. This was Ryan’s first time in Europe, so I can imagine the excitement.

We first started the day off by visiting a friend and former colleague as it was her birthday and later that day we met at the airport. At the airport we first helped out one customer in the duty free shopping area that had just started using our software. We even took some time to read and write a few mails in the airport lounge, where I made the blunder of wrongly sending an email to the wrong person, but let’s not get into that.

As night fell it was time to board. The flight as usual feels never-ending. I think we played a few games on an iPad, maybe even some shut eye, but eventually we landed.


In Holland we of course had to go through the annoying security procedures. Which was easier for me than Ryan. Maybe I look less like a suspect. Joking!!! After finding our baggage we went outside, where we were met by Farid, Patrick and Raymill. It felt great to see them again, especially Farid whom we hadn’t seen over 1.5 year since he moved to Holland. Patrick I also hadn’t seen in a while as he didn’t visit Suriname during Christmas 2014 as he has been doing since 2011.

Patrick and Raymill had to go to work, so Farid, Ryan and I made our way to Farid’s place. He lives with his partner in a very nice apartment with a gorgeous overview of Amsterdam. There we just caught up on life and other chitchat.

After that we went into the city center to do some shopping. It was mid-winter and Ryan needed some winter gear. Also we have planned to do a road trip throughout Europe, so we needed to make sure no one was about to catch a cold.


At night time we decided to go all out the first night. We had some drinks on the couch of Farid’s rented apartment, which he never even slept in and only still rented it so Ryan and I had a place to sleep. This was quite an emotional evening as the alcohol did its work and tears started to flow as things that were bottled up were laid on the table. Not exactly for me, because as you know I am very frigid, but we laid all cards on the table and discussed the whole issue of the group of friends that was slowly falling apart.I will not repeat the things said, but I think we all needed that to mend things again. We all understood each other’s own personal struggles a lot better and were able to move on.

But the day wasn’t over yet as we still needed to shock Ryan in the red light district.
I regret not filming the reaction on his face when he saw his first “ladies of the night” under the red lights, behind those glass doors. That was hilarious… from what I can remember.

I think we bar-hopped in the city until we almost started falling asleep in the bars. I remember doing shots with a hot American, entering a very sleazy bar that was another culture shock for Ryan and then we knew it was time to head home. For the sake of alcohol we took public transport and made our way to the rented apartment and Farid went to his living place. We were about to meet up again the next day.

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Eurotrip 2016 – Recap

By Clayton

In the next few days I will post daily blogs about my Eurotrip last year. And by daily I mean, I will try to post as often as I can… I hadn’t written about it yet as I was constantly on the road, without internet or too busy just having a great time to write. But everything is on Facebook, so most of you already read the stories and seen the pictures, but I gotta use this blog for something, now don’t I? 😀

So enjoy and feel free to comment as much as you want.

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