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Amsterdam 2018

By Clayton

There I was, 36000 feet up in the air… again… drunk, happy and in love… again!

I think I have told similar stories before, just each time with a different main cast member.
Nothing could burst my bubble; little did I know that you would be the one to do so.

The flight went by fast and I had 2 seats to myself. Those type of flights are always the best, because 9 hours of doing nothing is a heavy burden. Not being 100% conscience is always the best in this case.

At the airport I met up with my now-former-boss and we had Starbucks coffee, which was good to wake (and sober) me up. I was picked up from the airport by an old friend/former colleague. A funny thing happened at this moment. There was a police control in the parking lane and he was not parked incorrectly. When they checked his driver’s license this turned out not to be valid at the moment so he was not allowed to drive anymore. The cop asked if I had a driver’s license, and I said yes, but it’s from Suriname. The cop said, you are allowed to drive with that here. So I drove from the airport to my cousin’s apartment where I would stay for one night.

Since one of my aunts would travel the following day and we would not see each other those 4 weeks in Holland I decided to take the train to her house in Almere for a visit and later return back to Amsterdam.

The next day I moved to Patrick’s house where I would stay for the remainder of the vacation.
Since it was summer time and I had nothing better to do early that day, my friend that picked me up from the airport asked me if I wanted to go sailing with him and his girlfriend through the canals of Amsterdam. I had never done that before, despite having been in Amsterdam countless times.

It was really fun. The sun bloody hot though. We sailed all across the canals, went to buy some food and ate on the boat. In the late afternoon I returned back to shore as I had another appointment. This time with the main reason why I was in Amsterdam; my Brazilian heartthrob.

Do you know that feeling of missing someone for months and just longing to see them every single day and night… and suddenly they are standing there in front of you…? YASSSS that’s exactly how I felt at that moment. Over the moon!! I probably gave the biggest embrace I have ever given anyone.

We walked around the city center of Amsterdam, and just talked about how our lives have been and what we have been up to. I soon started to feel that the person standing next to me, was not the same person I had last seen in Suriname. Yes, it was the embodiment, but it didn’t feel like the same person. Nonetheless I was more than happy for that moment after longing for so long.

I really wanted the night to last longer, but it came to an end, when my heartthrob had to go home and didn’t feel like spending time at my place. No problem, this was only the first day of a 4-week vacation.

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Felipe y Felipe

By Clayton

Let me take a moment to highlight the amazing three new friends I made on the island.
I will first start with the boys: Felipe and Felipe.

Yes, they both have the same name, which is why I thought it would be a funny title for this blog. 🙂

Felipe – Brazil
Felipe BR describes himself as “a bit of a hippie”. I would describe him as uber-cool and hawt AF!! 😀

Felipe has a very huge Instagram following and is very adventurous. At each location we went to in Curaçao he was always the first one to wander off and explore the area. Whenever we couldn’t find him he was usually always on top of some mountain with his GoPro; vlogging. He clearly loves to travel the world and live life to the fullest, which is amazing.

Felipe did trigger some memories to my former Brazilian lover and I did notice similarities in behavior, but it must be a cultural thing. Have a look at his social media platform; I am sure you will not regret this.

Felipe has his own LGBT Travel Blog based in Sao Paulo: GoAbilio


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Felipe – Colombia
Felipe CO definitely reminded me of myself. He was always the last one to arrive at our meeting points, but that is because he likes to plan ahead what to wear and take his time to freshen up. It was nice to see myself from the point of view from of someone else. I loved it!

I would describe Felipe CO as a twunk!! And be sure to check out his IG-account.

Felipe CO is also a writer for an LGBT-magazine in Colombia. The topics he writes about make my blog sound like a child’s bedtime story. He definitely has a set of brains and is very helpful, which is something I can appreciate very much. I have never had the intention to travel to Colombia before, but this is now definitely on my bucket list.

I also found out that Felipe CO knows Epica and has once been to their show in Colombia.
This was definitely added bonus points for him.

Both the boys were genuinely fun people to be around with and we definitely bonded. I hope we all get to meet again and have many more travel adventures. The world is ours and we can do this.

See the online magazine that Felipe write for: EgoCity


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Our tour guide during this trip was Tirzah. Tirzah is what we described as the “Madonna of Curaçao”.
Everyone knows her and everyone loves her. Everywhere we went there was always someone that was very excited to see her. Even when in traffic she was greeted from the other cars. This was awesome as we felt we were amongst Caribbean royalty. She is very beautiful and has a joyful spirit. You can’t help but feel good in her presence.

She definitely knows the island well and I got to know a lot more about the history of it, despite having been there before. She is definitely as “crazy” as us and we were all on the same level, which made it easier to get along, but also harder to say goodbye in the end.

I will definitely be hitting up Tirzah again when I travel to Curaçao again and you should definitely follow her and contact her in you want to get to know the island some more.


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The journey home

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end they say…
Eventually we all needed to head back home.

My flight was the earliest, so I was also the earliest awake and could not sleep off the exhaustion from the night before. I had an early breakfast and packed my bags. When Tirzah called that she was there to pick me up, I said goodbye to the boys and the girls in the breakfast room. I was already feeling quite emotional because I am so bad at saying goodbye.

Once Tirzah dropped me off and I checked my bags in I made sure to say a quick goodbye because I could feel my eyes watering and I noticed the same at her.

This only got worse when the boys, whom were still enjoying their last day at the hotel pool, sent me a very sweet video. I couldn’t hold it in and just let the tears flow. Damn, I hate saying goodbye.

When it was boarding time, I entered the plane, found my seat and just took a moment to mentally process the last few days. It was definitely an unforgettable experience and those 3 amazing new friends I made I will not forget and hope to meet in the near future again. I bought this wooden ring at the airport, which has a fish on it (to remind me of the island), with 3 colored dots which remind me of my new 3 friends.

Until we meet again Tirzah, Filipe BR and Filipe CO <3 <3 <3

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Beach Day and All White Party

The next… and final day… we were invited again to the Floris Hotel for a tour around the hotel.
We got access to one room for viewing and I must say: wow!
Our hotel (Papagayo) was better, but this would not have been a bad place to stay at either… This would also have been the case if the hotel wasn’t fully booked already.

The room we got to view was a very spacious, modern and clean room, that has a single-person-apartment feel to it. This room actually inspired me to get my own future house designed just in this way… once I can afford it obviously.

Beach Day
After the tour we went to Moomba Beach for the beach party. We found a place to us to chill and we went back and forth into the sea to have a swim. I must say if you want to avoid someone on this planet, Curaçao is NOT the place for that as we kept coming across the same people we have been seeing at all the PRIDE-related events. Very small island.

The beach party itself was quite fun and is exactly what you would imagine: a very hot sun, lots of sand, loud music, cocktails and people just having fun… which is what we did. Since this was also our final full day together it was also time to just enjoy each other’s company.

In the evening we went to FLAVORS of Curaçao, which is the event that the 2 Dominican girls were there for. FLAVORS is an annual food and beverages event that was hosted in the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel. Basically, all kind of food that you can find on the island can be found there… but mind you, this is mostly for tasting purposes, so don’t go there hungry. Unless you buy food at each stand of course, but they serve small portions, that are just enough for you to have a taste of the flavor…. Aha, makes sense now.

But if I am going to be totally honest… in the entire event the best part which I liked where the shots that Starbucks served…. Seriously, I am at a food event and I was excited about the coffee… in my defense, I was quite tired, and had another party to go to, so needed energy. The mixture of alcohol and coffee was PERFECT and I think Starbucks should add this to their regular menu. Lol

All White Party
Last event for us on the island was the ALL WHITE party…
This party was in Club Spoonz. We were in the VIP area, which didn’t feel all that extra, besides being behind a railing, but the party itself was good. The advertisement said that it wouldn’t be just a party with a DJ, but would have a real local feel to it and that was not a lie, as I clearly felt that I was at a Caribbean party. The vibe was definitely there and the music was good. At the end we didn’t want to leave, but the Dominican girls were too exhausted, so we all went back to our hotel. This was a perfect ending a nice short vacation.

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Jeep Safari and Lounge Party

The following morning, after our breakfast, we headed over to the Floris Hotel where we do a Jeep Safari hosted by Pink Curaçao. A few months ago, when I was already in Curaçao with work, we also did a Jeep Tour Experience. I didn’t like that one much, as we were in open roof jeeps, the sun was blazing hot, we all got covered in dirt and the tracks we took weren’t mellow…. Oh yeah and the white shirt I wore, never got white again…. So when I read that I was about to do the same again, I was not that thrilled and I wore the same not-white-anymore shirt just for the above reasons.

However, I must say that the second time was a loooooot better. For one, the jeep was not an open roof, the people aboard were hilarious (not that my colleagues aren’t), and there was a hot shirtless Brazilian sitting across of me… what more could I ask for?

The roads we took were not that extreme as before and beside one road we took different ones, so it was not that repetitive. Also, we stopped at some cool caves, which have some eerie history.
In a nutshell, the cave is called The Witches Caves and this is where the slaves would come to perform their rituals and whatnot. Inside the caves there where many tiny bats, that if you remain still were harmless. Actually they were quite peaceful to watch, as long as you stayed still!

After the caves, we went to some cliffs and more scenic places and finally had a stop at the beach for swimming and spotting some sea turtles. Again, this was a place I had visited before during my office vacation so nothing new for me. But with this crowd of people, this beach day quickly turned into an Andrew Christian and AussieBum free commercial!

After the beach we were brought back to the Floris Hotel where we were picked up by Tirzah.
This time she was not alone, as there were 2 other girls from the Dominican Republic whom were also on the island for another event and they were also staying in our hotel (Papagayo), so they were added to our group.

We all went to have lunch at The Green House, located at Mambo Boulevard, which was this amazing restaurant where the hostess was dressed in traditional clothing and she basically spoke all languages, as our group did. Again, like many other times during this vacation, I had sea food for lunch. Started off with the calamari and had salmon (or Tuna) as a main course. It was yummy. It was very yummy!!

After lunch we were brought back to the hotel and I finally had 2 hours off. I really wanted to write these blogs posts in that moment, but my body was tired and I just needed to rest, so instead I tried to take a nap.

In the evening we had the rainbow lounge party, which luckily was by the hotel’s beach, so we didn’t have to be far. We all got dressed up and had a good time. The music was good, and the party was crowded. The bar’s service sucked though. Clearly, they were not able to handle the crowd and ordering drinks took forever. Nonetheless, I drank enough and was feeling the music. This was the first moment that I would miss these guys the moment we would have to say goodbye… must have been the alcohol.

As the party died out, our tummies started seeking attention. Seeing how it was late and the actual reservation that was had was canceled, we went over to one of the famous Curaçao food truck (Truck di pan) – BBQ EXPRESS – to have some things to eat. I had the grilled chicken with sate sauce to eat. The sauce was so good and my mouth is watering as I am thinking back about this. After this late post-party dinner, we all went back to our hotel and I quickly fell asleep as my head was on the pillow.

I wasn’t posing or anything… Just enjoying the view.
I actually didn’t even knew someone was taking a picture of me

You can see many more pictures from the Jeep Safari on the Facebook page of Pink Curaçao.

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Curaçao – Making New Friends

The following morning, I work up quite early, had breakfast and met up with the boys downstairs by the supermarket where Tirzah would pick us up to go sightseeing. This is when the four of us really bonded. Sometimes you need to get used to new people and sometimes it just CLICKS! I think that with us four it just CLICKED, and we instantly befriended each other. This was also a good moment for me to practice all the languages that I knew, cause although we were mostly communicating in English, there was also Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

Our first stop was at the Curaçao Tourist Board Headquarters, where Tirzah works. We were there to pick up sim cards which were borrowed to us, so we could be reachable and online all the time.

From the CTB HQ we walked into town. We went to the Queen Juliana Square that holds the famous DUSHI sign, where we took pictures. The featured image of this post was taken by Filepe BR with his GoPro. Note to self: save up to buy one of these yourself.

Next we walk towards the Punda Bridge, which we didn’t cross, because later that day we would be there again with the parade. Tirzah is an amazing tour guide and we learned so much about the history of Curaçao. We did some more sightseeing and walking around until it was lunch time.

We had lunch at POP’s Place, which is this restaurant located on a hill, with an amazing view of the sea. The food was very good too. I first started of with calamari and had fish as the main course. I had a lot of fish to eat during this trip. I mean, there was a gigantic sea right there and I figured it must be fresh, right?

After dinner we went back to the hotel where we had an hour or so to quickly change and get ready for the PRIDE Walk. I put on my pink cap and some denim shorts…. It was time to pAArty.
We were quite late for the start of the walk, so we drove to the other side of the bridge, where the walk would end, and walked towards the crowd. It wasn’t that big of a crowd, around 500 people, but they all seemed to have loads of fun and the rainbow colors where more than clear. I ran around the crowd to make some pictures and do some live broadcasting.

The walk ended at the Wilhelmina Square where we were earlier that day and that was the time for speeches and the start of a great party. During the ceremonial part of the evening the Pride Committee presented the bill for marriage equality, which is a major step for the LGBT community in Curacao. This obviously still needs to pass, but this is the first bill that has been written and presented the government. Once it has been passed same-sex marriage will be legal in Curaçao. Congratulations.

After all the official stuff it was time to dance. It was a nice party and I was feeling quite “happy” thanks to the drinks I had.

After the party we went to have a late dinner with the CTB members at this very artsy restaurant, called Déjà vu! OMG, the paintings were amazing, and I would like to have a few of these in my house. Yes, the food was good too, but I was enthralled by the artwork that I almost forgot to focus on the food.

After our tummy’s were filled it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep.

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On my way to Curaçao PRIDE

When I received the call from Jill-Joy (from CCM N.V.) asking if I was interested in going to Curaçao PRIDE 2018, I immediately said yes! All I needed was to pack my bags and grab my passport… oh, and obviously ask my boss for a few extra days off, especially since I had returned from Amsterdam less than a month ago, but that was nothing that couldn’t be arranged.

The above was all set and done and I was finally ready to leave for the trip on Tuesday when I received a call from the airline company that the flight had been delayed with 16 hours. This meant that I would lose an entire day of this mini-vacation. Bummer. But this would have been way worse if I had already driven to the airport and received the news there.

At this point, there was nothing to do but wait. Doki and Tino brought me to the airport the following evening. My flight was scheduled to leave at midnight. I personally hate the PBM – CUR flight, because it has a pitstop in Trinidad after 90 minutes of departure and the distance is too short to get some sleep. Just when your body is getting used to being in the air, you need to land and leave again. Also after not having slept the night before I was exhausted AF when I landed in Curaçao.

I arrived around 3am at the Curaçao International Airport. Luckily, I found my luggage quickly and I made my way outside. I would be picked up by a taxi, which was arranged for me. The taxi driver stood there with a sign, which had my name on it. My entire life I have waited for the moment to be picked up at the airport by someone holding up my name. zOMG!

Since I had no clue how far my host hotel, Papagayo Beach Resort, was from the airport I looked it up on Google Maps, which said the drive would be 30 minutes. I did my utmost best not to fall asleep in the back of the taxi.

We arrived at the hotel, I checked in and I was guided to my room. I had room 517 located in building number 5. It was quite late, and I was exhausted, but took a moment to enjoy the amazing room. On the bed laid a welcome letter and a bottle of champagne for me; compliments of the hotel manager. After making some pictures of the room, I took a shower and jumped into the gigantic bed, which I had all to myself… finally: some rest.

I got woken up at 11am by the phone in the room. It was the front desk calling to tell me that the maintenance guy was in front of my door to replace the door’s battery. I had put up the DO NOT DISTURB sign, so he didn’t want to knock on the door… I opened the door, the guy did his thing and I closed the door again. Since I was already up I finally decided to open the curtains to see what the room view was like….

OMFG!! This was the most spectacular view I had ever seen.
Since I arrived in the middle of the night, I didn’t notice that there was an entire ocean right by my room. Seriously, I was in paradise.

I decided to go look for the breakfast area, which I had no idea where it was, so I stopped at the front desk for information… there I had another OMFG moment when I saw the gorgeous front desk agent, whom I was more than happy to talk to. I was directed to the breakfast area and I walked towards it.

The sun was already quite warm, but it was a short walk. I walked past the resort’s private beach, near the infinity pool and found the breakfast area. I enjoyed the breakfast, which was an open buffet and had more to choose from than I could possibly eat. Once my tummy was full I decided to walk back to my room and to go nap again. I was still very exhausted from the little amount of sleep I have had the past few weeks.

Around the afternoon I decided to slip into my swim short and head over to the pool.
Obviously, I picked a place under a gigantic parasol – I don’t do sunlight – and just enjoyed the view.
I jumped into the pool, did a few rounds and went back to the side of the pool, ordered myself a Piña Colada and for a moment I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing.

My cousins were also on the island on vacation and I invited them over for a visit whenever they were free. When they called me, I was still by the pool, so I met them and we went to my room. There we just hung by the balcony.

At 20.00hr I had a meeting with the LGBT working members of PRIDE Curacao, so after a shower I made my way to the hotel lobby where I would meet up with Tirzah, my tour guide during this trip. Me and Tirzah had spoken earlier today on the phone, but this is the moment when we met. Tirzah is a very pretty and friendly girl with curls for days. We briefly got to know each other and waited for the 2 other social media influencers she picked up shortly before arriving at the hotel.

The 2 other boys arrived. They are both named Filepe, but one is from Brazil and the other from Colombia. Our dinner with the LGBT working members was on the hotel beach. There I had a nice chat with all the people and it was so good to relate to people that do the same work that I do for PRIDE Month Suriname.

The food we had was very good also. I had carpaccio as an appetizer and had steak as a main course. For dessert I had a delicious cheesecake. The cheesecake came with a scoop of ice cream, which my lactose indolent tummy did not appreciate. I had to excuse myself to my hotel room for a moment.

Once that “episode” was over I made my way to the lobby where Tirzah and both Filepe’s were waiting on me. We had plans to go to a bar-dancing called Chin Chin. Chin Chin reminded me very much of our local bar dancing Night Fever. It wasn’t very crowded, because we arrived very late, but we still had a nice time. The PRIDE organizers where also there with us and we had a fun time. I didn’t go all out yet, because I still wasn’t feeling 100% great, but also was still a tad but tired.

Around 2am-ish we went back to the hotel, I took a long good shower and went to bed.
The next day was another promising day.

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Baboem’s Trip to Curaçao

By Clayton

At the office Christmas party of 2017 our bosses announced a work trip to Curaçao.
To be honest, at first it sounded too good to be true and we thought that this would probably never happen, but when we received the E-tickets a few months later we knew it was official… we were going to Curaçao.

The last time I was in Curaçao was 9 years ago and it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. But I was a lot younger, I was with my parents and it was just a whole different kind of trip.

This time it was a trip full of partying and just having fun.

First off our trip got short from 6 to 4 due to a change in the flight schedule of our local airline. This sucked, because that meant we had to a lot in a very limited amount of time. Which afterwards was very exhausting. Nonetheless, we had fun.

The fun started very early when we all went to the airport by bus we had rented. It was very early, but my colleagues as a crazy bunch of people, so we were having fun from the start. At the airport, we went around and starting mixing with random people. By the time that we needed to board the sun was already high in the sky.

My colleague sitting next to me has a fear of flying so we had to comfort her during takeoff and landing. The flight to Curaçao is a flight that lands in Trinidad first to let out people and have others board. So we had to take off and land, twice. And boy, the pilot was not in a good mood. His takes offs and landings were horrible. It was like he was in a hurry for some reason and didn’t make that a very pleasant trip for us. We were happy when that was over.


At the Airport in Haito we were greeted by our other boss that lives there in whose house we were staying. Very fancy house, located far from the city center, but with an amazing view of the sea. We quickly freshened up and went to go hunting for food. We had 3 cars to our availability so we could form groups and do our own thing. I was in the car with the local boss. We found some Dutch snacks, went grocery shopping and finally had a full meal in a restaurant.

That evening we went to a karaoke (lesbian?) bar. I as always was the one doing most of the singing, cause not everyone was into that. After the night was over, a few went to the house to sleep and the other went to go sight-seeing by car with the boss. I went sight-seeing. Well, I didn’t see much, because I was exhausted and started falling asleep in the car.

The following morning we went to the beach. This was the first time I could enjoy the sea water and go snorkeling. With my contacts in and the snorkeling glasses I could for once actually see the fishes in the sea. It was amazing. We even drove to another beach, which was full of sea turtles, which was also an amazing experience.

That evening we went to the movies…. Jurassic Park 2… again I didn’t see much, because I always fall asleep in the movie theatre despite having had a Starbucks beforehand and the movie being okay-ish.

The following morning we went off road jeep riding, which was an experience to say the least. First of all I literally got roasted in the sun, it was extremely hot and not to mention dusty. There were many times when I thought we would just tumble off a mountain. We also went swimming again at the turtle beach, but I had no interest in swimming, I was not liking the head again.

On the way back I asked the very, sexy tour guide if I could ride along. There was a spare seat and that jeep had a roof, so that was good for me. From there I had an easier time during the rest of the tour. Great sights. But again, I feared tumbling over and dying constantly. At the end of the tour my white shirt was yellow.

The following day we had to leave again. In the morning we went to a shopping mall, where I really had fun!! I bought 2 great shirts very cheap and a new pair of sunglasses. Soon afterward we went back to the house, packed our bags and headed to the airport.

We said goodbye to the boss living in Curaçao and boarded our plane.

Again we had to comfort of colleagues with flight anxiety, but this time the flight was a lot easier than when we left from Suriname.

The next day we were allowed to stay home if we wanted, which most obviously did… including myself… and after that it was back to normal.

But for me it was also time to prepare for my next trip 😉

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Last day travel drama

By Clayton

Since I didn’t write a blog at 36.000ft on my way to The Netherlands as I usually do, I’ve decided to do this on my way back home.

So that that my month in Amsterdam… I wasn’t emotional when I left, mostly because I was way too exhausted to think. I still am very exhausted, but for some reason cannot fall asleep. So I just switched on my laptop, put on Epica to play and started writing.

The total flight is 9 hours and 20 minutes and currently we have about 4 more hours to go.
So I am going to try to do another attempt at sleeping in a bit, which I seriously need as I didn’t sleep last night. I went out with a friend, afterward went to say goodbye to someone I met (nuff said) and opened the doors to the Amsterdam house at 6 AM. The entire room was a mess as I did some last minute shopping that afternoon and just put everything on the bed and decided to pack in the morning and simply sleep on the airplane… which I am NOT doing at the moment.

So my last day was kind of not that great. Let me summarize a very long story as short as I possibly can.

If you are Surinamese you always, read ALWAYS have to bring crap… I mean stuff… for your family. These things can be the most ridiculous things and will make you ask just one simple question: WHY THE FUCK?

Anyways…. So the deal with my mom was to have her sister fill up a suitcase with stuff for her. Everything was pre-paid for the extra luggage. The idea was that I would pick this suitcase up on my last Friday in Holland. However, my Friday was jammed pack. I went to Heerhugowaard to the birthday party of my former boss and after that I had a kiki with friends in Amsterdam. Both were great, but I was traveling from left to right.

So on Saturday morning, I woke up very early to pick up the luggage. I arrived there and the bloody suitcase was nearly 40 kilos!!!! FYI: the limit is 25KG. So that had to be resolved.
What I thought was a resolution, was still not good enough, cause as I started walking with the suitcase to the metro station the wheels started breaking off and I had to return to the house. There we transferred all things to a new lightweight suitcase, but even that turned out to be not a great idea, cause that one broke much sooner than the first when I was walking to the metro station again. So I had to go BACK to the house again.

Meanwhile, I also had an appointment to pick up the custom-made contact lenses which I had ordered. More about that in another blog.

As it was getting later and later, I told my uncle I would leave the luggage and later that evening he can bring it by car. Obviously in another suitcase. After that I made my way to the city and arrived one hour before the optician was about to close. Got my new contacts and learned how to insert and remove them… after that I went back to the center in order to do some last minute shopping.

And that was exactly when my uncle called and said he would bring the other suitcase within 10 minutes. Now, I know my people so I knew that 10 minutes meant 30 minutes. Which was exactly the case. Mostly due to traffic, you can’t drive with a car in the street I was staying in. Nonetheless, my precious last few hours in Amsterdam were spilled. By 17.00hr all the luggage drama was resolved and I had about 2 more hours before the stores would close.

I bought some shirts and some other random stuff and all threw them on the bed. After that I had to help my friends unload their car and finally I showered and went to my friend’s house to eat and drink. He and I went out and as I mentioned above already that went on very late, but it was my last night and I was not about to spend it sober.

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Lisbon, Portugal

By Clayton

February 28 & 29, 2016
I have to be honest that before this trip, I knew little to nothing about Portugal. I just knew that it was some country somewhere in Europe, where Cristiano Ronaldo comes from. But I knew nothing about the weather, what it looked like or the culture. And with the limited access to the internet during all that traveling I had no time to do a Google research. So arriving in Portugal was a big surprise for me. A very pleasant surprise actually.

After Rome, I would pick Lisbon as my second city during this 2016 Eurotrip. Why?
Because it was just so different and unexpected, things were cheap… and remember I live in Suriname, so considering prices to be cheap in another place is saying a lot… also the weather was nice: not too warm and not too cold. Just perfect.

On the train ride to Portugal we were in a room with this great American guy named Matt, whom was backpacking through Europe for a few months. We quickly befriended him and got wasted at the train’s bar. This was quite a long train ride and had all the accommodation of a moving hostel.

So anyways, we made friends with the American, shared stories and were all just enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. We were being quit loud and the conductor had to shush us a few times. Ryan was already in bed much earlier than the rest of us, so when we were done drinking and making our way to our room, we wanted to be crazy and make a lot of noise to wake him up. So we barged into the room and started making noises like a maniac.

The problem was… THIS WAS NOT OUR ROOM!!!! 😮

Our drunken asses stumbled into the wrong room and woke up a bunch of strangers for nothing. As soon as we realized this we closed the door and stormed to our own room and locked ourselves in. Mission failed. But we did have a good laugh about this and quickly fell asleep.

The train conductor announced our arrival close to an hour and we brushed our teeth and waited to arrive at the train station. It was early morning so not many people out just yet. We strolled around a bit, went to see some flags and even spotted the Surinamese flag right there in Portugal. It was cool to see. We went to find to some breakfast and did some sightseeing.

Matt was about to stay longer than us in Lisbon so we walked him to his hostel. There we did a few more drinks and made friends with some more strangers. Soon afterwards a friend from Farid, whom originally is from The Netherlands, but now, is living and working in Lisbon joined us. We said goodbye to Matt and decided to go to our own hostel.

Finding our hostel was tricky. There was this mix-up with the reservation and the room we had reserved turned out not to be available at the moment, but instead we got an even better deal in another hostel. This was like a mini-hotel. We got a spacious room with a double bed and a small one, with our own bathroom and a balcony all for 40 euros a night. This was amazing.

So after getting freshened up we decided to go for a stroll with Farid’s friend. We walked around Lisbon and I was totally loving the city. We had dinner and afterwards we went out to some pubs. The nightlife in Portugal is something else. We went to this bar where they gave everyone a number and if you like someone or wanted to tell them something you wrote it on a piece of paper and gave it to the bartender, who put it up on a board. I had no one leaving me messages, but I enjoyed the place nonetheless.

Ryan at one point was too wasted and it was time to head back. He took off his shirt and walked around like that. I was scared that the cops would arrest us or something, but luckily nothing happened.

Back at the hostel Ryan went straight to bed and Farid went for a smoke break. I decided to take a long warm shower. I think I showered way too long, because when I stepped out the entire room was flooded. Literally!! The water had seeped from the bathroom, to the bedroom into the lobby. I grabbed all the towels I could find in the room and dried it all up. This was not an easy task and when I was done I wanted to shower again.

At this time I was wondering where Farid was staying, because it had been more than half an hour since he was gone. I figured he probably pulled another stunt like in Rome, or went home with his “friend” whom he was totally into, despite having been friendzoned the entire day.
I walked through the hostel, even went up to the roof balcony, but couldn’t find him anywhere. So I decided to return to the room and go to sleep.

The next morning I heard the room door open and there was Farid. Being escorted in by one of the hostel staff members. Apparently Farid was sleeping in the roof balcony room, because he had no keys the room and was locked outside. I had searched for him, but he was in that one place I did NOT look. -_- he cursed like a sailor and passed out on the bed.

After a few hours we all woke up and it was time to check out. Ryan had woken up earlier and went out to find us breakfast. As we were cleaning the room and getting to leave he and I had a little fight or something I will not repeat, but I decided to avoid him for until we arrived back in Holland.

Our plane wasn’t scheduled for a few more hours, so we went to do some more sightseeing in Lisbon and I was really starting to like this place even more. At one point it got so (comfortably) warm that we were walking around without our jacket. We went to the tourist-y places, had some dinner and finally made our way to the airport. The airport was quite crowded to say the least.

In the airplane from Lisbon to Amsterdam we had our last surprise when Farid suddenly had this major headache and felt like his head was about to explode. This was strange, but also over as soon as we landed.

Back in Amsterdam, we had to move out of the apartment that Farid used to rent and I went to stay at Patrick’s house. We had one last day and the next day we needed to go back to Schiphol and fly back to Suriname… back to reality.

And that was the end of our Eurotrip!