On my way to Europe

by Clayton
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Dear beloved reader, whomever and wherever you are…
Here I am… once again writing a blog at 36000ft in the air from the comfort of my seat on a 747-300.
Once again I am on my way to The Netherlands. Where else would I go?

Actually I am going more than just The Netherlands alone 🙂 lol
More on that later.

Almost nobody knows about my trip. The ones that know didn’t even find out a few hours before I had to check in. the rest is going to find out on my Facebook page or via this blog.
I’ve been keeping this trip a secret for more than a month.
Seeing how my last vacation went… or maybe I should write, how it did NOT go, I’ve decided to keep this one a secret. I didn’t want to jinx anything. Excuse me for being a little bit superstitious, but getting bad luck 3 times in a row is NOT normal. So that’s why I didn’t tell anyone about this trip until it was all certain.

I first had to have a big row with the town hall that were still not done with my new passport after 3 weeks. And a promise is a promise. 3 weeks is 3 weeks. I made a whole big deal out of it and ended up at the head of the department passports. I demanded that I would get my new passport ASAP, because I wanted to go on vacation.

Shortly after I got to my new passport I applied for a new visa.
It was supposed to be picked up after 5 work days. Since the Dutch or a lot more punctual compared to the Surinamese people I didn’t worry about it not being ready on time.

After the request was sent out I went to the airline company to book a flight.
Luckily the day I wanted to fly had available spots, so I got OK on my ticket. That was a mayor relief.

My flight was scheduled for the same day as the day that I had to pick up my new visa. I was still a bit traumatized from the last “vacation” so I didn’t want to tell anyone and get embarrassed again. Luckily for me everything went as planned and I am now high in the skies on my way to my favorite continent. We should be landing in about 2 hours. We just flew over London.

But wait…

That’s not all. Why exactly did I want to go on vacation?
Why exactly on this specific date?
Why did I make a big fuss about my passport?

*evil grin*

Well… just like in May 2011 I am once again going to see my favorite band Epica perform 🙂
Since I missed the big show in march I am not going to see them just once, but TWICE :-p
The first day in Austria and the second day in Hungary 😀

Yes my dear readers, I am leaving for Hungary tomorrow. I am very excited an will keep you all updated!




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