A day at Waterland, Domburg, SR

by Clayton
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I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again: “Life’s great at times that it doesn’t totally suck!” Yesterday was another one of those great days that makes you appreciate life a lot more.

My friends and I were invited to this private resort a little out of town, by the same guy where I was allowed to have my 25th birthday party. None of us have been there before and we were all amazed by it. It was perfect. Nice cabins, close friends, great food, lots of booze… The only thing that sucked were the minor rain that kept pouring every 30-60 minutes, but we were so captivated by the place, that we barely even mind. Once again me and my best friends Farid and Dominique were surrounded around a lot of foreigners and noteworthy our German friend Henning, who is back in Suriname after 2 years.

There’s nothing much I can say really, just enjoy the photos.
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