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My 30th Birthday Party

By Clayton

So it finally happened… I turned 30 last week… the HORROR!!
I am just joking. It’s actually not that big of a deal to me and I actually do like my birthday. Since you only turn 30 once, I decided to throw a party… but this was not going to be just any regular birthday party… I mean, come on, have we met?!

Party Planning Stress
So it turns out that party planning is a lot of stress. If I had millions of dollars to spill I would have just hired someone to organize the entire thing and let them deal with all the stress. Since I don’t… I had to plan it all myself.

I had this idea for a karaoke birthday party for a while now. As you know, I love karaoke, despite the fact that I cannot sing. I also wanted a photo booth for memorable, crazy, drunk pictures. I also didn’t want every day decorations, so I went on Amazon and order all the decorations, photo props and whatnot that I needed.

As the day to the birthday party came closer I started to stress a lot more. Everything costs a lot of money and it’s a lot of phone calls, emailing and driving places to arrange things. Also I was stressing out because up until 2 weeks before the party the things ordered were not here yet, due to a delay in delivery with the holiday season. But luckily the arrived just in time, so I could ease up a bit after that.

During the planning period I had a few times where I came THIS close to blowing off the entire party and just plan a trip abroad… I luckily know enough people that could help and advise me on things, so once that stress was lifted and I knew exactly what I wanted and needed the party could officially be organized.

The location I had picked was Hotel Babylon. A small, but gorgeous hotel that is not far from my home. I visited that place 2 years ago for the first time and it had left a lasting impression on me. As I was looking for a location for the party, I somehow knew that this would have to be it.

Actual Birthday
On my actual birthday, February 1st, I didn’t do much of celebrating, but mostly drove around doing some shopping and ordering stuff for the following day. In the evening I went to my best friend’s house were we peeled 12kg of potatoes for mashed potatoes. We drank a bottle of champagne while doing so, but that was the only kind of celebration.

When I went home I still wanted to create a playlist for the party and test the karaoke stuff, but my friends advised me to go to sleep. As I get older I cannot pull those all-nighters anymore. And it was about to be a long day so I could use all the sleep I could get it.


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A little less sober 29th Birthday

By Clayton

So that was my 29th birthday…. One more year and I am officially old.
Again, my birthday was very mild, but fun. Unlike last year, I was not sober. 😀

The day started off with me picking up this amazing cake, which I had been planning for week now. It was baked by a friend / former classmate, whom also had baked a cake for my niece’s first birthday last December. It was her idea to add my signature to the cake, which was printed on edible paper. The cake was a lot larger than I had imagined, but that was good, because I had enough for everyone to get a piece and it was DELICIOUS!!!

At work we ate about 1/4th of the cake, I bought lunch for everyone at one of our famous Chinese restaurants and from my colleagues I received a bottle of Sambuca. I haven’t bought this in a very long time, but I have had many interesting nights from Sambuca.

Once I was home I needed to sleep before I could receive guests. Not that I really invited anyone, but everyone is always welcome. The thing is, the night before I barely slept. I was dead tired from the busy day I had before that, was late up, because someone was about to pick something up at my place, but as soon as he left, I took a shower and went to bed at 12.30 am. Hoping I would have a very nice rest on my birthday.


I was wide awake as soon as my head touched the pillow.
I was still exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep. Nothing is more frustrating and annoying than being exhausted and unable to sleep. It also stormed that night. The wind blew so hard that it can be considered a real storm.

When I woke up, I felt even more exhausted than rested. After I showered, I picked up the cake and went to work. Luckily it was a very slow day, so I could take it easy. I also took a pill to ease up my headache. Or maybe I am just getting too old.

As I already said, when I got home from work, I just wanted to sleep. My older brother and his family came over, but I excused myself for an hour. After my nap, I felt a bit better.

Over the course of the evening more guests (family and close friend) came and we ate and drank… lots of red wine. Which is why I had a massive hangover this morning, but that felt GREAT, because I haven’t had a real hangover in a very long time. So not a crazy wild birthday, but still a nice one.

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29th Birthday Eve

By Clayton

It’s the eve of my 29th birthday and I am here sitting alone in my room, drinking a glass of Smirnoff Ice, listening to Lana Del Rey’s album Born to Die and writing this blog obviously. There is a scented candle burning in front of me… there is no real reason for that. It just smells good and I like that. There also is no purpose for this blog post yet. I decided to just write and let the words write themselves.

I just finished wrapping 2 gifts. No not for myself. I’m not THAT lonely.
But wait… it’s almost your birthday… shouldn’t YOU be getting gift is probably what you are thinking.
Yes, you are correct, but I just like to spoil others, so I have decided to give gifts to 2 people. Both spontaneous, both for various reasons.

Carmen just started playing… I love this song.

Oops, sorry, got distracted. Still have no idea what this blog is about.

I do not feel like reflecting on my life right now. Feels a bit like a waste.
Not my life… the reflecting at the moment. I think I am about to finish this glass and go watch some YouTube videos until I fall asleep.

Good night world!

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Sober Birthday

By Clayton


Yesterday was my 28th birthday… 2 more years, before I turn the big three oh…
Yay, for getting old! *insert sarcastic emoji here*

I had a very subtle… read boring…. Okay really read, sober… birthday.
This was the first in 4 years.
Probably, because it was a Monday, and also my friends are either on vacation or have moved away.

The only “celebratory” thing I had yesterday, was a cake for my colleagues, which I didn’t even by myself. Other than that, it was a normal work day for me. My older brother did come over and I was received a new bracelet, which I looooove! 😀 Thank you.

Also thanks to those that wished me a happy birthday on my various social media account, or those whom texted and called.

I think I will actually have a real birthday celebration when I’m 30… either that or I will be crying in my bathroom with a bottle of red wine, regretting half of my life… lol. Joking.


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My 27th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

A week ago I celebrated my 27th birthday. The years seems to be flying buy faster than fresh baked bread at the bakery on a Saturday morning o.O

IMG_20150130_214949I didn’t really want to do anything big for my birthday, but I wanted to at least feel like I had fun that weekend. This is exactly what last weekend was.

I started the celebration on Friday after a dinner party with the office. But sadly I was too exhausted from the week of hard work, that I didn’t stay out too late. I went home early to gain some energy for the eve of my birthday.

On that night I want out with a few friends to Next Club Suriname, which is a trendy night club which I had visited once before. It reminds me very much of clubs in Amsterdam, so I knew that was the place I wanted to go out. Apparently we all had a little bit too much fun, because as the hours flew by, so did the memories of that night. Curse you Jaggermeister!!! XD

IMG_20150201_015514 IMG_20150201_030959

Later that day around 19.00h I invited my friends to have dinner at my house.


I also had ordered a special designed birthday cake, but that wasn’t finished until later that night. So I went with my friends to pick up the birthday cake, where we cut it at our usual watering hole. After the cake was finished and it was passed midnight we all went home.

Thanks everyone for making me feel special on my birthday 🙂


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My 26th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

Somewhere in between space and time I began my 26th year on planet earth last Saturday. I have no idea how these 26 solar orbits, which I’ve witnessed so far, passed me by, but apparently they did.

*takes a deep sigh*

Oh well… at least I had a blast celebrating this fact. Actually, a lot more fun than I had even planned or anticipated for. Things just… happened… and I didn’t even have time yet to process it all. As I think back, I don’t really know everything that I did or what happened in that 24-hour-radius on February 1st of the year 2014, I just have flashes of moments in my head. And maybe that’s a good thing. Life is short, right?! #YOLOSWAGLOL

It all started on January 31st, which turned out in my favor to be a local national holiday: Chinese New Year – year of the horse. Don’t ask! We have all kinds of weird and random national holidays in this country. But I honestly didn’t mind. This was going to be MY birthday party weekend. I even had the next Monday of, so I had my own mini-vacation.

On Friday evening I met my friends at Farid’s house, where we played a hilarious card game. Since we’re all of legal age we turned it into a drinking game, which resulted in a couple empty bottles. After we were all already feeling happy (read: very drunk), we made our way to our favorite watering hole to do one more round of drinks. Farid stayed home, because he was already passed out.

After we did one round, we made our way to our usual Friday evening dance club. Okay, here is where it’s all a blur to me. I only remember the following: great music, my friends dancing around, Dominique screaming to everyone “it’s his birthday”, us jumping on the dance floor, me making out with someone… *OMG, really?!*… some more dancing to the point where we couldn’t anymore and all magically safely ended up home. I think we must have teleported home, because I have no memory of that part. That night did end quite different than I expected it to, but no complaints. 🙂

I arrived home around 7.30am – dad already awake and the first family member in Holland to congratulate me. I had only been sleeping for 3 hours when I woke again. I had to buy a few things for the birthday meal and I wanted to avoid too much Saturday afternoon traffic as much as possible. After I had done my shopping, I made my way home to eat, quickly my godfather who came to visit and finally rest.

Sadly, my thoughts of cuddling with my pillows were cut short when my dad and brother decide to clean outside. I was woken by the water pressure cleaner, so decided to just stay awake instead. Shortly after 18.00hrs my older brother came to visit. After some chitchatting, more eating and picture-taking it was time for me to get ready to go back to Farid’s place where I had asked my friends to meet me. My mother was already exhausted from slaving herself in the kitchen the entire day, so instead of inviting my friends at my place, I asked Farid if I could meet my friends there.

After some eating and drinking, we made our way to our usual bar – the same one from the night before – because I had asked the owner if I could throw my birthday “party” there. The word party is highly overrated, because all I asked for is a corner to host my friends and anyone who wanted to come was welcome. I had made a CD with my favorite dance music and I was allowed to play it. This is where there was another blank moment in my memory. Somehow a small party with a group of 8 people had gone wild… Music, a dancing pole, body shots and a crazy photoshoot went on. I don’t remember. I just concluded all of this from the photos on my camera. I also don’t remember much just that I didn’t make it too late, because for my own safety I went home. Good thing I guess.

At least I had fun!! 🙂

Part 1
SAM_1208 2014-02-01-00.06
SAM_1228 SAM_1230 2014-02-01-03.16

Part 2
2014-02-01-15.24 2014-02-01-18.57 2014-02-01-21.16

Part 3
2014-02-02-00.34 2014-02-02-01.42 SAM_1240
DSC_0424 SAM_1239 SAM_1269
SAM_1279 SAM_1282 SAM_1298

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My 25th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

It’s official! I’m OLD! Since last Friday I am now a quarter of century old.
Soon it’s time for marriage, babies and… wait… I don’t have to. lol 😀
I’m 25 and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to celebrate it the way that represents me the best: crazy and over the top 😀

I do have to thank my closest friends for helping to make this day unforgettable. Without their help, my night wouldn’t have been as epic and unforgettable as it was.

New Aquarius necklaceI first had my older brother Ivan over at home. He presented me with a really cool necklace which he and his girlfriend Lynsey bought me. Lynsey herself couldn’t come, because she’s sick with the flu.
The necklace is really cool. The pendant has an Aquarius symbol on it. I LOVE IT! It’s a lot nicer than the Aquarius necklace I had bought myself not too long ago. I decided to wear the new necklace that same night as I was getting myself ready for an epic night out.

Since my street is under construction and un-drivable at the moment I had Dominique pick me up and go to Farid’s house where we would go to for pre-party drinks. The plans for the night were:
– We were going to meet up at Farid’s house for pre-party drinks
– After the drinks we would go to this really cool penthouse owned by an Italian guy, a new friend of Farid’s, where we would enjoy some snacks, more drinks and cut the birthday cake
– A limousine which I had rented would pick us at the penthouse, drive us around
– Finally we would go out dancing in club Night Fever

All went as planned and we had a blast.
We just a problem with the limo driver that was a mayor d!ckhead. I have already filled a complaint to the limo company and I will not be renting anything from them again. They don’t know how to deliver a quality service. Having said that, I still had a great night!
Thank you Farid, Dominique, Ryan-S, Ranvir, Patrick and Alex.

Below are the photos of my epic and unforgettable night.
Hope you enjoy them and as usual a lot more of Facebook.

Also thank you everyone else that has sent me their congratulations and had called. It was nice to feel special…. We are all allowed to do so once a year. 😀

Gotta stand out from the rest on my b-b-b-day!  My bfffffff's - Dominique and Farid Ranvir and I
DSCF5704 Tapas Domique and Ryan
Blowing out the 25 candles Alex I love these crazy kids :)
It's big, long and black :) Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo
Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo 72kg of man meat :p

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Mid-life crisis at age 24

By Clayton

Unshaved @ workI am facing some sort of mid-life crisis at the moment. Which is weird, because I am 24 (25 in about 10 days). Maybe this is some sort of quarter-life crisis then?

For the past few weeks there has been so much I have wanted to do. Each weekend I put down all the things I want to accomplish by the end of the weekend, but usually don’t do any of the things I had planned to do. I make these plans for the weekend, because during the week, with my day job and college I am not able to do a lot of other things. But time and time again it appears that 48-hours in a weekend simply aren’t enough.

I probably have to go out less… And I will do so…. Right after my 25th birthday next week.

About that…

OMG, I am turning 25 next Friday. That’s a quarter of a century!! *freaks out*

Birthday party planningMaybe that’s the reason why I am feeling weird these days. I went to bed last night with a “what the hell am I doing with my life”-thought. I have been feeling restless for the past few days and I am unable to explain it and unsure what exactly is causing all of this. For example I am seriously tired of all the schoolwork I have. Especially when I think about the very uninspiring way the entire organization is. Also I have been getting bored of my job. Do I want a new one? Or do I simple want something else to do? Do I want to be a web developer, or a desk employee for the rest of my life? In an earlier blog post I have already mentioned that this is probably not what I will be doing for the rest of my life. But what exactly do I want to do?

I think I need a long break from everything to think and figure out my life’s purpose. Last week I met an American guy who moved here to Suriname. He was basically facing the exact same problem(?) as I am facing right now. He couldn’t handle it, got bored of his own life, so decided to sell all of his things and bought a one-way ticket to South-America. Maybe I should do the same. Just sell all my stuff – what stuff? – and simply move. It’s no secret that I want to move and settle down somewhere far away… probably in Europe… most likely Holland. I just need a change of scenery. Or maybe I should just be patient and wait until I finish my IT-study next year (hopefully) and after that take a break from it all. I need new inspiration I guess… or a new distraction in life.

Today I have been trying to break the cycle of my life. I woke up this morning at 5.00am and arrived at work at exactly 7.00am; this is something that I haven’t done in almost a year. I am teaching myself to wake up earlier again, so I have a few extra hours in a day and hopefully will be able to work on a new routine and accomplish a lot more in one day.

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My 24th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd… oops, I mean 24th birthday 🙂
It’s quite shocking when you realize just how fast a year goes by. Didn’t I recently celebrate my 23th birthday?

This year I really had no idea what to do for my birthday. I didn’t even feel like my birthday was coming up, at least not until I was receiving the first congratulations from friends living in Europe. It was around 20.00h local time (meaning already February 1st in Europe) when my phone started showing notifications of new messages. After having received about 5 congratulations I was starting to feel the thrill of my birthday. This was only the beginning of a long list of more messages to come.

After 12.00pm I met up with my two best friends Dominique and Farid. We did a few (read: a lot of) tequila shots. Received my first (or technically second) birthday gift, which was a cookbook. Yes, my dear readers. My friends encourage me to start preparing my own meals. lol.
After the drinks, Doki and I drove around, but everywhere was already closed, so instead we went home to sleep.

I slept that day until 11AM and didn’t really do anything much until 12. My phone was constantly filling with new messages. BBM, Facebook, emails, sms messages, whatsapp… strangely no phone calls. At least not on my mobile phone. Just on our home number. I spent most of the afternoon doing nothing much. At 18.00h I even had to go to school for a quick presentation and around 19.30 I was back at home. I had told my guests to visit at that hour. My “guests” were only my brother, his girlfriend and Farid. They ate, drank and left. It was time for me to go out.

My new cookbook Lynsey, Ivan and Leroy Farid @ mi casa

First it was a movie with friend, after that some more drinking and after that Doki and I went to pick up my friend Zoureena, who had to perform that night and after that went to Club Touche to dance the night away.

So I didn’t really have a birthday party, but had loads of fun with my close friends. Next year is my 25th birthday and I might have a big celebrating. For now I am content with the day I had 🙂

Clayton and Zoureena @ Touche Clayton and Dominique @ Touche Zoureena and I at Club Touche

(If you want to see more photos, just check my Facebook profile)

Below I have a list of ALL the people who sent me messages, called me or thank me in person. Thanks a lot everyone. I really appreciate all the kind words.