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Amsterdam 2018

By Clayton

There I was, 36000 feet up in the air… again… drunk, happy and in love… again!

I think I have told similar stories before, just each time with a different main cast member.
Nothing could burst my bubble; little did I know that you would be the one to do so.

The flight went by fast and I had 2 seats to myself. Those type of flights are always the best, because 9 hours of doing nothing is a heavy burden. Not being 100% conscience is always the best in this case.

At the airport I met up with my now-former-boss and we had Starbucks coffee, which was good to wake (and sober) me up. I was picked up from the airport by an old friend/former colleague. A funny thing happened at this moment. There was a police control in the parking lane and he was not parked incorrectly. When they checked his driver’s license this turned out not to be valid at the moment so he was not allowed to drive anymore. The cop asked if I had a driver’s license, and I said yes, but it’s from Suriname. The cop said, you are allowed to drive with that here. So I drove from the airport to my cousin’s apartment where I would stay for one night.

Since one of my aunts would travel the following day and we would not see each other those 4 weeks in Holland I decided to take the train to her house in Almere for a visit and later return back to Amsterdam.

The next day I moved to Patrick’s house where I would stay for the remainder of the vacation.
Since it was summer time and I had nothing better to do early that day, my friend that picked me up from the airport asked me if I wanted to go sailing with him and his girlfriend through the canals of Amsterdam. I had never done that before, despite having been in Amsterdam countless times.

It was really fun. The sun bloody hot though. We sailed all across the canals, went to buy some food and ate on the boat. In the late afternoon I returned back to shore as I had another appointment. This time with the main reason why I was in Amsterdam; my Brazilian heartthrob.

Do you know that feeling of missing someone for months and just longing to see them every single day and night… and suddenly they are standing there in front of you…? YASSSS that’s exactly how I felt at that moment. Over the moon!! I probably gave the biggest embrace I have ever given anyone.

We walked around the city center of Amsterdam, and just talked about how our lives have been and what we have been up to. I soon started to feel that the person standing next to me, was not the same person I had last seen in Suriname. Yes, it was the embodiment, but it didn’t feel like the same person. Nonetheless I was more than happy for that moment after longing for so long.

I really wanted the night to last longer, but it came to an end, when my heartthrob had to go home and didn’t feel like spending time at my place. No problem, this was only the first day of a 4-week vacation.

Clay's Personal Travel & Adventure

Back in Amsterdam 2017

By Clayton

Dear Diary… oops, wrong app.
Dear readers… you know, those two that are actually reading this…

Okay, enough joking around.

To those still reading… wow, you really must have nothing better to do, huh? 😀

Okay, seriously now!!

I am here writing from the Public Library in Amsterdam.
I cannot remember the last time I was in a library. I’ve been inside this library before a few years ago, but that was only to pick up something. Today I am actually here for the content of the library.

As I already mentioned I am back in Amsterdam; my “home”.
Not officially, but to this day it still feels like it and I doubt this feeling will ever fade away.
I’ve been here for 2.5 weeks now and have to fly back to my official-home in exactly 10 days.
Time flies. Times flies so goddamn fast that it’s not even normal.

What am I doing here in Amsterdam? NOTHING…
Yes, that is the honest answer.


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Almere, Enkhuizen, Artis Zoo and Rijkmuseum

By Clayton

Date: February 6, 2016 – Almere and Enkhuizen

The following day we drove to Almere to visit my aunt that lives there. I needed to bring a few things over, which I brought from Suriname and she also knows Farid from a long time ago and this is the first time they saw each other again.

After the visit in Almere were drove to Enkhuizen. A place I have never visited nor heard of before, but it was very historical to put it in words. The entire town looked like a damn painting.

We also visited this pub that has an official “hofleverancier” status. Places with this status are places that have been visited or provided services to the Dutch royal family.
So wait, what? I peed in the same toilet as the current reigning Dutch King? Awesomeness! 😀



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Found myself in another life

By Clayton

Life can be quite weird sometimes.
Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like their life seems oddly familiar? As they start sharing their thoughts and interests it gets even weirder, because you seem like you’ve heard it before?

And then suddenly it hits you…. This person is…. ME! o.O

Met this fellow a few days ago, who is a Dutch writer for local magazines and newspapers and also writes text for websites etc. He is married and lives in the center of Amsterdam, in this amazing house, great interior, loves wine and has a cute little dog.

This is exactly the type of life I imagine myself living if I move to The Netherlands.

One day… One day!


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Delayed post-vacation depression?

By Clayton

IMG_20131123_193038It’s been 4 days ago since I landed back in Suriname and 3 days ago I started working again. For the first time ever I am feeling completely mellow and not down as I usually am. Usually the first day back at work I am a bit dreamy, emotional and not quite myself. But this time I am not feeling sad, down or dreamy. Just… mellow.

I am a bit scared that I am feeling like this. Could it be that my post-vacation-depression is delayed, just like my flight was (hihi… lol). Or is it that I am not feeling anything, because for the first time ever I feel like I arrived back home completely satisfied and have done all I wanted to do?

Besides that one person whom I really, really, really, really, really (50 times more really) wanted to see, but didn’t, I have basically done all I had planned to do and more. I travelled the Dutch landmark from left to right, up to down. Saw most of my friends, met new people and basically had a fun and relaxing time.

Although the 3 weeks went by so fast, it felt good to wake up Tuesday morning in my own bed. And now to reminisce on the crazy wonderful time I had in The Netherlands.

Clay's Personal Travel & Adventure

Back in Amsterdam! :)

By Clayton

Yes, my dear friends. I’m back!!!! Back in Amsterdam… Holland…. My second home 🙂
Back again after 7 months, which felt like an eternity to me.

The last few days before my departure have been really stressful. I had a serious constant headache that just wouldn’t stop. It didn’t stop up until today. That’s also because I woke up from an 11 hour sleep today, which is not nearly enough, since I hadn’t slept more than 5 hours since Friday.

The flight here was also not that easy. Was one of the worst flights EVER. I just couldn’t sleep thanks to the hours of turbulence and the loud snoring man besides me. I am quite a frequent flyer – as you all know by now, haha – but still the flights can be an annoying one. See you have 3 types of flights;
1. The “wait, we’re already here” one.
2. The “are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?” one.

Sadly, my flight was the latter. :-/
I am used to flying, so I know that this can happen. Especially in this time a year, but I would feel sad for someone that was flying for the first time.

Once the plane was nearing the much more stable winds, I was hoping to get some shut eye. Sadly, fate wanted to taste my temper, so it decided to make the man sitting next to me make some serious unhuman-like noises. I never knew a person could make those sounds the guy made. Seriously, he needs to get that checked out!!!!!

Finally after 9 hours and 20 minutes I had landed. I was more than happy to be on the ground. Since I had seat number 1E, I was the first to rush out of the plane.

My uncle (my dad’s younger brother) picked me up from the airport, I stayed at his house until 18.00hr and then he brought me at my cousin Vincent where I’m staying at in Osdorp, Amsterdam. First time staying here and I am loving it.

However my day wasn’t over…
I had an entire bag still of stuff for family I had to deliver. Typical Surinamese; tell someone that you’re leaving and you end up bringing half the country over. I totally hate it. *roll eyes*

By 11pm I finally could place my head on a pillow and I slept for 11 hours straight!!!

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