by Clayton
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Today I went to see the movie Maleficent. Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite actresses so I just had to see it. THAT… and there seems to be a hype around this movie on social media sites, so I needed to find out what all the fuss is about.

I can quite understand the fuss, because I thought it was a nice movie. Maybe not GREAT, but nice and you should surely go watch it if you get the chance. Disney sure wants you to get sympathy for its villains lately. I am also very happy that they are trying to get rid of this “true love” crap. Maybe there is hope for young girls after all?

The movie has lots of great visual effects and I am happy that I went to see it in 3D. I just watched a few behind the scenes videos on Youtube and there sure have been added a LOT of digital scenery. I loved it, and actually wouldn’t mind watching it again in 3D.

I’ve wanted to see this movie ever since it came out, but 1. I had been incredibly busy and 2. No one had time to watch it with me or already had seen it. Luckily I was chatting with a former colleague/friend of mine this week and we made plans to go watch it together.

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