Sunday morning with the techno-n00bs

by Clayton
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For the subject Project management which we get at school, we are placed in groups of 5 students. Each student represents his/her own mayor. The idea is to stimulate the collaboration between people from various study backgrounds. Quite a nice initiative if you ask me. HOWEVER… In practice this is not as easy as it seems in theory. It’s far from it actually.

I am in a group with people who don’t read their emails for weeks, who don’t even know how Google Docs works, who don’t have a Skype account, who don’t know how to insert a new row into MS Excel, who feel the need to meet up on the Sunday morning at 10 AM.

Okay, I know I may come of a tad arrogant or whatever you want to call it, but I can’t believe that in the 21st century college students still don’t know how to properly work with a personal computer. I find this to be a tragedy upon the highest level.

During these meetings I am mostly silent and just listen to the conversations, which I can’t participate in. is seriously don’t know anything about building houses. I hear words and have no idea what they mean.
Today one of the group members asked if I felt out of place, because I don’t participate. I replied with the words that I can’t, because I know nothing about this stuff. I prefer to write the piece on how an IT-company could be helpful in this project and that’s it for me. He said that I could use the internet to look the things up. Which is true, BUT does he really expect me to learn what he has been studying for 3 years now in a few weeks? It’s not like I would be able to teach him how to develop an application within a few weeks, right? It’s impossible. I didn’t even go into further discussion, because I refuse to take “research advice” from someone who types with his index finger and has to search for the letters on a keyboard. Oh and also doesn’t have anti-virus software on his laptop. Seriously!!! The first thing I saw when inserting their memory stick in my laptop was a warning from my AVG anti-virus software.

*extremely annoyed*

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Clayton February 6, 2012 - 2:02 AM

In case you don’t know what a techno-n00b or technoob is visit this link for more information:

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