Typos Alert! v1.0

by Clayton
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I’ve decided to write a piece on some memorable typos which I’ve made on the internet or on my phone that my friends to this day can’t forget and still use against me.

Typographical error or short “typos”; everyone makes them and everyone knows what they are.  But in case you live on some deserted island where you are basically isolated from the rest of the world (… and I’m not referring to Cuba) click here to read.

I totally hate typos and try to make as less as I possibly can. That is the reason why I always have my spelling check enabled in Microsoft Word, which is what I use to write these blogs (just a minor FYI). Also I’ve enabled the spelling check option on my phone to avoid the typos as much as I can. But that doesn’t mean that now and then I don’t slip a few misspelled words, especially when I’m blind typing or when I’ve had a little bit too much to drink 🙂
Some are funny and others simply make no sense.

My latest memorable typo was screepy.
I used this while chatting on bbm* with my best friend. She was telling me about this trailer of a scary movie she had seen and I was blind typing again. My conclusion is that I was subconsciously trying to write scary and creepy in one word, which makes screepy.
*bbm = BlackBerry Messenger

Look at you Qwerty-keyboard. The P and O buttons are right next to each other. So inserting an O instead of a P is an often made typo. Which was the case with me when replying on a facebook status update of a friend. Craooy was suppose to be crappy, but saying cra-ooh-y sounds a lot more cheerfully. Conclusion: use craooy when you’re in a crappy situation, but still want to make the best of it.

Latest total-epic-typo-blunder wasn’t made by me, but by my best friend. Let me show you the chat.
NOTE: she agree on me sharing this! And for privacy reasons slightly edited.

  • D: Yeah….I googles the book cuz I couldn’t find it
  • D: Googles
  • D: Omg!!! Googoled
  • D: Seriously!!! Goolge…
  • D: Urg…you know what I mewan
  • D:Why are my fingers faster than my brain?
  • D: Stupid nails…iik heb ze kort gemaakt and all of a sudden I male a lot of typos
  • Clay: =D whahahahhahaa OMG
  • Clay: Waaaaaaiiiiii =)) hahahaha
  • Clay: This is going in a blog
  • Clay: LoL
  • Clay: I wanna write about typos
  • Clay: Hihi
  • D: Noooo…X_X
  • D: Okay yeah you can
  • D: Don’t forget to mention craooy en scareepy
  • D: Screepy
  • Clay: =D

Sorry but the above chat was just too good not to share.

But there is a difference, between typos and grammatical errors. Grammatical errors I will almost never make… I said almost…. Typos are forgivable.
For example, I see facebook status updates where then and than are getting confused. That’s forgivable. But I also see facebook status updates saying: “sweat dreams everyone“. Unacceptable.

I once also had this EPIC fail of a facebook post where I wanted to rant about all the grammar rape that made me want to vomit and in that post made multiple typos myself. Now that’s something I won’t forget again. Hahahaha….
I’ve entitled this post version 1, because I’m sure I’m about to continue to make typos and eventually will have more memorable ones to share with you.

So tell me; what are your memorable typos?

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Rachel January 5, 2013 - 11:59 PM

“i wanna write about typos” hahaha I wanna?! XD lol.. I want to 😉 😛 just teasing must admit i still get confused all the time in and on, and this and these XD for more that i correct myself or get corrected doesn’t go away.

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