The perfect job

by Clayton

About a month ago my friends and I went out with this steward who was in Suriname for a few days. He was here for work, and would only stay for a few days. One of my friends came in contact with him online and we decided to invite him over as we went out as usual in the weekend. We had a nice time and afterward we exchanged Facebook addresses.

After the Facebook connections were made I went through the steward’s photos and was amazed by the number of countries and places he has visited. Countries that I’ve always wanted to go once myself and others which I’ve never even thought about visiting. This had me wondering. Did I make the correct career path in my life?

This thought hasn’t crossed my mind for the first time.
Years ago I wanted to do nothing else than build websites and be involved in the world of technology. Hence the reason why I am doing a (ridiculously overpriced) IT studies. Once I started working at the IT company where I am currently working I thought “finally, my dream job”. But after one and a half year I have been sort of second guessing my career path. Not just the hanging with the steward that has made me wonder, it’s also the stress of college and the untamed desire to travel the world.

A while ago I had already done my research on working at an airline company. Becoming a pilot isn’t an option right now, because I should have done that earlier. But becoming a flight attendant…? hmm maybe.

I love to jump on a plane and head to another destination. I know that working is not the same as a vacation, but wouldn’t it be great to be paid to travel if travelling is what you love?
After all it would be perfect for me. Just living out of suitcase, explore new locations, take tons of new photos, meet interesting new people etc. I wouldn’t need a relationship, because we all know how well that’s going so far. #sarcarm

Unfortunately for me I won’t be able to do so. I don’t qualify for the international standards of becoming a flight attendant. Let’s set the record straight: I do apply for most except for one mayor one and that’s the glasses. Unfortunately for me, my glasses wouldn’t be accepted and there’s nothing I can do about that. Well besides laser eye surgery, but maybe that’s not worth it.

Actually there are other ways to travel the world and still work.
Below is a link to a few jobs which pay you to travel. Maybe I could become a digital nomad.

Or I can simply start that metal band I want, get famous and tour the world 😀 now THAT sounds like an awesome plan! m/

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Rach Ruano on Facebook September 12, 2012 - 2:03 AM

i have been there i applied and lets say on that day out of the 34 people i got to last 5 only 3 got picked… i didn’t :/ just to get stranded at the airport where i had the interview and one of the ones that did get it saying she was not taking it after all because that was too much for her about being stranded, then i got called for another airline, well lost my id the day i had to fly, so no interview and last time, i did for Delta airlines i got sick and i was so sicke iwth fewer it was a total interview/audition.. is like acting and well of course didn’t get picked, but as any career has the ups of the travelling, but then i thought gah dealing with rude customers up there, booo, the fact that you don’t get paid until door closes before taking off, boo… lol oh well as you said there are other ways to travel because just like you tha tis my lifelong dream… … that’s why i am the wanderlust..hehe 🙂 great topic! 🙂

Edith Kayzer on Facebook September 12, 2012 - 5:38 AM

Nice to read about your dreams and sometimes reality makes you land on your two feet again. Either way, I know that you will travel and see the world. That should be rather could be a reality!

Clayton Derby on Facebook September 12, 2012 - 9:55 PM

Rach Ruano sucks to hear that you never got in. I know that it isn’t easy. I’ve seen it up close. A friend of mine wanted to become a flight attendant. Since I know a thing or two about the local airline I inspired her. She eventually applied and after 2 years she finally was called back. After long and hard training she finally got accepted and now flies regularly. Cool thing is that before the job she had never been in an airplane in her life.

Too bad our local airline doesn’t cover THAT many destinations, but it’s still a very cool job to have.

Who knows. I don’t think your time is up yet. You can always try again 😉

Edith Kayzer Thanks 🙂 I’m sure I will find a way to travel one day. Most of the places I really want to visit are in Europe. And flights within Europe aren’t that expensive if you safe up or find lucky deals. Yes, I keep up to track with those deals 😉 But they don’t really apply or don’t fall in the right time for me. I think as soon as I move and have my life settled some more I can do all the traveling I want…. as long as I can afford it :p lol

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