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Short videos of Revamp and Kamelot

By Clayton

Here are 2 videos, which I forgot to share earlier of Revamp and Kamelot in Tilburg last month. Since my camera battery was low, I wasn’t able to film the entire songs. But there will be a Kamelot documentary from that night coming out eventually, so there is still a chance to see more.


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Kamelot + Revamp live in Tilburg

By Clayton

Kamelot live in Tilburg posterYesterday I attended one of the best live shows I’ve been to: Kamelot!! The best show AFTER the Epica ones I’ve attended of course (hihi) But seriously now! Kamelot is great; both on their albums and on stage. The entire band is full of energy and Tommy Karevik is one awesome singer and entertainer. I left the venue with a feeling of complete and utter satisfaction.

Let me start at the beginning.
I had ordered my ticket for the show in September via Patrick (as usual) and since there was a VIP package available I went for that. It’s not every day you get to see a band like Kamelot – at least I don’t – so I went for the ultimate experience. The VIP ticket held in that you get to enter the venue an hour earlier than the rest of the crowd, get a signing session with the band and got to take your picture taken with the entire band.

I arrived at in 013 an hour before the VIP ticket holders were about to be let inside. Luckily I got to skip the long line and didn’t have to wait very long outside. Once inside I bought the latest Kamelot record Silverthorn, which I didn’t own physically yet, and went to the signing session with the band. Got a signature from all band members on a poster and on the CD and after that my photo taken with them.

SAM_0492 SAM_0505 Me-and-Kamelot

After the VIP session we were let into the concert hall. The openings band Tellus Requiem was still busy with their sound check. About an hour later they took the stage. Tellus Requiem wasn’t really that special. I honestly don’t remember one song and the vocalist also didn’t stand out that much to me. There songs were a bit all over the place and weren’t catchy and lacked rhythm. This is just my personal opinion, but from the reactions I’ve heard, I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t really amused by this band.

tellus-requiem1 tellus-requiem2 tellus-requiem3

Luckily the band that most people were more excited about – besides Kamelot of course – soon took over the stage: REVAMP. The Dutch band from no one other than the amazing Floor Jansen. This was my first time seeing Floor live; first time was with Mayan in 2011, but I was very excited, because I’m a huge fan of Floor’s voice and her band’s music. Sadly, they weren’t the main act, so the set list wasn’t that long, but it was long enough to fully enjoy the powerful voice of Floor. The crowd seemed to be very excited just as I am, because everyone was cheering “Floortje, Floortje, Floortje!” very loud. Revamp rocked!
(See the set list they played here)

revamp01 revamp02 revamp03
revamp04 revamp05 revamp06
revamp07 revamp08 revamp09

As soon as Revamp was finished playing the stage was cleared for Kamelot. There was a huge curtain set up and in about half an hour we could hear the intro music of Kamelot. It was showtime!!!

 Kamelot-live-Tilburg-01 Kamelot-live-Tilburg-02 Kamelot-live-Tilburg-03
Kamelot-live-Tilburg-04 Kamelot-live-Tilburg-05 Kamelot-live-Tilburg-06



Floor Jansen IS the new singer of Nightwish

By Clayton

Floor Jansen live with NightwishWell, it’s official now!! BUT no shocker at all!!
HOWEVER…. still very pleasant and exciting news!!!

After having performed as the temporary lead-singer of Nightwish for a year (wait… it has been a year already?), the amazing Floor Jansen has been officially added to the Nightwish lineup.

Mr. Tuomas Holopainen, you musical genius, you have picked an awesome singer to carry on the legacy of your Tuomas Holopainen and Floor Jansenband. I seriously cannot wait for a future Nightwish album featuring Floor on vocals. And hopefully I get to see NW live with Floor one day.

The official announcement can be read on the band’s website. Be sure to also check out the news on the upcoming Nightwish Live/ Tour DVD, featuring Floor: Showtime, Storytime. This will keep us all patient until the band starts to write new music.

The new NightwishI think 2014 promises a lot of greatness for the female fronted metal bands. Lots of new albums are currently being written/recorded and they will all be released next year. I’m already totally excited as I am thinking about it. Which I lived closer to where all the epic concerts take place though. But I’m sure my time will come. For now I always have Youtube and from time to time I have the ability to fly over, which makes such a concert even more special. 🙂

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Symphonic Metal recommendations

Revamp - Wild CardI’ve already written in depth about Revamp‘s new album Wild Card earlier. 2 weeks later I am still enjoying it every much and start liking more songs. Now that I also have memorized (or starting to memorize most of them) I am able to enjoy the songs not only musically, but also lyrically and understand the story behind them. This certainly is a must have for all progressive, symphonic metal lovers. If I say “Floor Jansen” I think that should be reason enough to go listen (and buy) this album.

Tarja - Colours in the darkLast week the birth mother of the so-called “opera metal” genre Tarja Turunen released her fourth studio album: Colours in the Dark. Tarja Turunen is another name that doesn’t need clarification. If you know Tarja, you KNOW what that woman is capable of doing with her voice. I needed a few listens to feel the new album, but as soon as I did I was hooked. So much musical and vocal diversity on one album. Not exactly metal, but also not too soft. It’s hard to describe the music genre. Just listen to it 🙂

Sirenia - Perils of the deep blueThe latest Sirenia album Perils of the Deep Blue has been out for nearly 2 months now, but ever since its release I have been not able to stop listening to it. The album is typical “Sirenia/ Morten Veland”, BUT somehow it keeps working. The whole dark gothic theme music and Latin choir; I don’t know why, but it keeps sounding good and not repetitive. Alyn has never sounded better in my opinion. I love here high vocals on this album. Very nice artwork on the cover too. Visit their official website for more info.

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Revamp – Wild Card

By Clayton

Revamp - Wild Card

I just love it when one of my favorite symphonic metal bands drops another bomb of epic music, which is exactly what Revamp did last Friday. Their long awaited new album “Wild Card” was released last weekend and this album is a total epic eargasm.

What you don’t know Revamp? Does the name Floor Jansen ring a bell? After Forever? Current temporary singer of Nightwish? Uhu… I thought so 🙂

Well the very talented Floor and her team have released another great album. I think it’s even better than the first self-titled album Revamp released in 2010. Floor uses her operatic vocals a lot more on this album and y’all know I’m a sucker for operatic vocals. I mean, if you have a soprano vocal ranger USE IT!… which is exactly what Floor did. She has always shown us that she is able to go from very low, to very high within minutes, without cracking her voice, but on Wild Card Floor has surprised us with some new vocal styles; she does grunts. Yes, the tall, opera singing Dutchie does grunts now. And it sounds great. So much aggression. With all these vocal styles you would maybe think it would be a total mess, but it all works out perfectly.

The album does have a few guest musicians too. One is no one other than the-one-and-only Mark Jansen from Epica and MaYaN. Although Floor and Mark have the same last name, they are NOT related. The song they made is probably my favorite on the album. And I’m NOT saying it, because Mark is on it, but it’s a total blend of aggression, opera and haunting choir parts.

My favorite tracks SO FAR are: The anatomy of a nervous breakdown: on the sideline, Precibus, Nothing, Distorted Lullabies, Amendatory, Misery’s No Crime and Infringe (bonus track).

There are so many aspects of this album I love. I think it would be just best to listen to it yourself. If you love After Forever’s music, I’m sure you will love this album. One thing is for sure: I am sure that I will be listening to this album for years to come.

Congratulations Floor & Revamp!

PS: I posted on Twitter that I loved the album and Floor retweeded me! 😀 yay!

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Nightwish gets a new (temporary?) singer: Floor Jansen

By Clayton

Floor JansenThe metal world got shocked a few days ago when Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish announced that they have decided to part ways with their singer Anette Olzon. All of this came as a shock to the world, at least it was to me, and even more shocking was that they already had replacement and no one other than the beloved, Dutch power-house Floor Jansen.

So hold on one minute… I need to process this!

Not only did Anette get fired after being hired in 2007, after Tarja Turunen got fired in 2005, but they also have a new singer in a matter of days (maybe even hours?)

According to the official Nightwish statement, the band and Anette have decided to part ways on a mutual understanding, but after what happened to Tarja I am almost certain that this split did not happen as peaceful as they make it appear.

So I’ve never been a real fan of Anette. I have been able to get used to her on the last record Imaginaerum, but I totally hated her when she sang the old songs (originally recorded by Tarja) live. She butchered the songs. The songs on Imaginaerum worked with her voice and vocal range, but other than that she cracked all the time, from what I’ve seen from Youtube videos.

I was more than happy to read the news that Floor, who is also a soprano singer just like Tarja, has stepped as the lead vocalist to help finish the Imaginaerum tour. I hope that this will open Tuomas’ eyes and he will notice that his songs/music NEEDS to be sung by a strong singer. Floor will fulfill that role perfectly. I have seen the videos and she is doing great.

I have loved Floor since her days in After Forever. And I’ve followed her career through all her side-projects like MaYan and love het own band Revamp too. They say that this is only temporary, but I wouldn’t mind if Floor joined the band permanently. Then again, she does have her own band Revamp to front, which is busy recording their second album. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

But I am very grateful that Floor has brought back memories of the “old Nightwish”.

Click here to read the official press statement!