Second bite of the Apple

by Clayton
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It now has been 3 months since I purchased my new iPhone and it’s time for the second bite of the Apple…. Or in less cryptic words: time for a second review 😉

If you’ve read my first review, my list of cons appears to be quite long, but it turns out that a few of those points were based on lack of usability knowledge. Okay, at least one of those points is. I am talking about the search option. I found it to be utterly stupid that a smartphone didn’t provide a simple option like a search bar. However, the search bar seems to be hidden and is visible as soon as you pull down on the screen. I have noticed that Apple works with layers of screens. So it’s like a new menu opens on top of another, which is why you have to swipe right to go back to the previous screen.

As for the rest of the cons, I have learned to live with and they are not of annoyance to me anymore. Actually when I was using my company phone, which is a Samsung phone, I needed to get used to that operating system again.

Having said the above, I still do believe that it’s just a phone and it does what is supposed to do, but I do not understand the religion that has developed around it, and I prefer not to be a follower… read: sheep 🙂

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