Do you believe in ghosts?

by Clayton
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Do you believe in ghosts? Probably not… But let me tell you something, my dear readers. Ghosts are very-very real… and they live on Facebook!

I’m not talking about those creepy-floating-see-through-beings-dressed-in-ragged-nightgowns kind of ghost like you seen on Supernatural. These Facebook ghosts are simply made out of flesh and bones, just like you and me.

You know exactly what I am talking about. That one friend (or friends, if you have more than one), that NEVER or BARELY EVER posts an update, is never online on Facebook chat and NEVER or BARELY EVER likes any of your updates… HOWEVER… they are there and they are watching you in silence.

Last week I met one of my Facebook ghosts in person. I made a remark and this guy knew exactly what I was talking about. I had totally forgotten that we were connected on Facebook due to the lack of activities on this ghost’s wall. All of this is kind of weird when you think about it. Why stalk and simply not just reveal that you are an active follower of someone’s life? On the other hand, this would exactly be the definition of stalking, right?

So, how many Facebook ghosts do you have?

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