WTF 2020?

by Clayton
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Hi all,
So this is my first blog post for the year. And guess what…. today is already November 11th…. 11/11 20/20… Pretty special date for something special, right?

Well sorry to disappoint. This is just another blog post… after a very long time.
I do not even know what to write about. It seems like an eternity since I last did this and I think it has been an eternity.

Okay let’s start…. It’s 2020 and WTF? This is the craziest year ever. So much happened in such a short amount of time and so much is still going on. Besides the whole damn pandemic that is plaguing I probably did so much more than ever even though I mostly have been at home.

One thing that is new is that I am dating now… also I have been semi living on my own…. Have been working, working and more working…. Making important future plans… oh yeah and I renewed this website that you are on.

I know I keep saying that I will try to post on a more regular basis…. So I am not going to say that again. When there is a new post you will notice it. I just need to do some back tracking of all stuff that I am willing to share.

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